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What is Language Travel?

Our Programs:
Young, GO!, Adult or 50+

MyEducation has four primary program types: Young, GO, Adult and 50+. Below you can get an overview of the different program types and what they involve.

Students eating ice cream

YOUNG (8 -17 years)

Our YOUNG Language Travel program is for young people between 8 and 17 years of age. Each destination accepts different age groups, so you will need to look at what options are available for you.  In our YOUNG program you will be sent on an individual and independent basis, so that you can benefit greatly from entering into an international and intercultural environment. Young programs include language classes, exciting activities and excursions, accommodation, and catering. On all programs, transfer from / to the airport will either be included or available for an extra price. Moreover, these youth programs are supported by a certain degree of supervision and support, as well as certain rules for your safety.

For each program information page, you can read more about rules and supervision for each program.

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GO! (15 - 20 years)

A GO! language trip is for students aged between 15 and 20 years. This program is for young people who want to join an exciting, fun and educational language trip, where they will have the opportunity to stand on their own two feet, with a degree of supervision . Here you get a youth program that has been organised to suit your age and maturity. The GO! language trips consist of accommodation, language classes, activity program and excursions. Transfer service from / to the airport is mostly included and otherwise it can be purchased at an additional price. On the GO! programs there is a lesser degree of supervision than on the Young program, but also with these youth programs it varies from destination to destination how strict the rules are.

For each program information page, you can read more about rules and supervision for each program.

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Adult (min. age 16, 17 or 18)

MyEducation arranges general language trips for adults over 16, 17 or 18 years (depending on the individual destination) all year round, starting every Monday (on most courses). Note that if you are a complete beginner in the given language, there are often set beginner start dates each month. On the Adult programs you have the option of only booking the course, or an overall “package” that includes course, accommodation, and optional airport transfer service. Activities and excursions are usually booked directly through the language school after arrival, and books must usually also be purchased after arrival, as the price depends on the level you are placed on.

Read more about each destination and possible courses, accommodation etc. at each program info page for the individual destinations.

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Adult 50+ age activity


The 50+ programs are defined “package programs” with specific dates where both language courses, accommodation and activity programs are included. The programs are designed for you to participate with a group of a similar age, international backgrounds and lust for learning and life. Your classes and your activity program will be held with your group (NOTE: Some places you can also get on with younger students, depending on the level, but the activity program is always only for 50+’s. In some places, accommodation is also included in the price, while elsewhere you can choose different types of accommodation at different prices. Whatever your language level, the language school can accommodate you.

See more on each program info page for the individual destinations.

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