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Application Process

How to apply

Study in the UK - Application Process

Here is our step by step guide on how to apply for to study in the UK with MyEducation. All steps are laid out in expected order of occurrence, but some steps might be completed earlier or later than shown on this page. Payments to MyEducation or your chosen college can be made by credit or debit card or bank transfer depending on the terms of the payment.


Complete a Pre Application Form

Fill in our online form so that we can assess your eligibility.


Watch our Virtual Information Session

We will send you our online information session. This will help you to understand the process of working with MyEducation and how we will support you.


Confirm if you want to apply

If you decide to proceed with an application, contact the office and we will get the ball rolling. You will be asked to complete our college selection form to help us to understand what educational experience you want to achieve while in the UK.


Attend an interview

Attend an online interview with our UK team, who will assess your eligibility for the program and gain more information about your college preferences and requirements.


Program Enrolment

After interview we will decide whether we can provide you with the support and educational route that you need. If accepted you will be asked to pay a £200 program fee and complete our program contract.


College Recommendations

MyEducation will present you with a selection of college recommendations that we believe match your needs for your time in the UK. Information will include subjects, extra curricular activities, accommodation, fees and much more to assist you in choosing your college.


College Application

Once you have chosen your college, a further payment of £300 will be required at this time to assist you with the application process. MyEducation will provide you with the necessary documents to apply for a place at the college. We will guide you through what is needed and how to complete the documents and submit them to your chosen college.


College Interview

If you meet the college academic requirements, you will be invited to an online interview with college staff. Some colleges require interviews with subject leaders or written assessments or submission of a portfolio or video of your ability. What is asked of you will depend on the subjects you apply to complete. MyEducation will advise you of what is expected early in the process.



If accepted at the college, you will be asked to pay a deposit to secure your place. Full acceptance will be given pending your SELT result.


Secure English Language Test

For programs over 6 months in length, you are required to complete a Secure English Language Test to be accepted by the college and to apply for your Student visa. MyEducation will assist you to sign up for the correct test in your home country. Test fees vary worldwide, but students should budget around €220 for the test and are paid directly to the test centre.


Tuition fees and Accommodation deposit due

Once your SELT result is confirmed, you will be required to pay a further fee to the college so that your visa document (CAS) can be issued. Some colleges require a full payment of tuition while others ask for a partial payment. This is paid directly to the college.


Visa Application

For programs over 6 months, students must apply for a Student Route visa. MyEducation will provide you with information about the visa process and what is required, but cannot apply on your behalf. Your college will ask to see all documents prior to submission. Students can apply for their visa up to 6 months before their arrival in the UK. Fees and information about what is needed to apply for the Student visa is here.


Host family confirmed

Your college will share information with you about your host family. You can start to get to know them ahead of your arrival in the UK.


Final Payments

Prior to the start of the school year, any outstanding tuition fee payments will be due, plus at least the first term of hosting fees. Hosting fees may be paid to the college or MyEducation, depending on the process that the college follows.


Arrival in the UK

Book your flight, pack your bags and head to the UK for your first day as a student in Britain! Students will be met by college transfers or need to arrange their own transfer to their host family home. MyEducation can assist with this process.


College Induction

All colleges provide an induction for new students. You will tour the campus, meet the international team and other new students, tour the local area and have lots of fun while gaining practical information about being a student in the UK. Then it’s time to get ready for your first day of classes.

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