Live and learn FAQ's​

  • Can I travel before and after the placement?

Who are the host families?

Host families who apply to participate in a Live and Learn program are people who are keen to welcome an adult into their home and offer them the opportunity to learn about their culture and lifestyle, in return for some English tutoring from a native speaker. They are families who value the need to speak English to a high level and know that learning from a native speaker will be most beneficial for them. Most host families have children who are learning English in school and they want your help to assist their learning and to make learning English fun for them. Some adult host family members also want to learn so you could teach adults and children in a formal or informal manner. Most of all host families are keen to welcome a new person into their home and speak English with them. They want to learn about you and also show you about their community.

Where might the host families be located?

Host families can be placed anywhere across the country. They could be in an urban or a rural area. Please know that all placements are carefully screened by the overseas organisation so you can be assured that families are living in safe and comfortable environments.

What teaching experience do I need?

You do not require any formal teaching experience to take part in the Live and Learn program. The host families that offer to host you will be aware of your background and experience from your application so they are not expecting you to have a curriculum available. The host families generally want you to interact with them and their children in English and help with their learning in a very natural manner. We do advise that you put some thought into what techniques you might use to teach English to the family. Many participants like to use post-it notes to help with everyday item names or songs or poems or children’s books to help with the learning. Once you receive your placement you will be able to speak with your host family and work out what teaching style they would prefer and how you can achieve that.

Do I need to speak the local language?

You do not need to speak German or Portuguese to apply for the Live and Learn program. Many families will be happier if you cannot speak the language because this will encourage them to speak more English to you and in turn they will get more practice and learn more. We do recommend that you look at learning the basics of the language before you depart but it is not a requirement.

What can I do when I am not teaching?

When you are not teaching you will have your own time to explore and sight see. You have the ability to work with your host family to work out your teaching schedule each week so you can take time to travel away from the host family home if you wish to. However, if travelling away overnight then please make sure that you have approval from the host family before you book any accommodation or travel arrangements. Some participants choose to enroll in local language classes so that they can also improve their language skills while overseas. Others choose to volunteer or just take the time to read a book and relax in their new environment. Please remember that the host family will want to involve you in their lives and include you in their activities but it should not be expected that they will arrange your time and keep you busy.

How can I apply?

If you would like to apply for a Live and Learn program then please complete the online pre-application form which is free and not binding. A staff member will then be in contact with you to discuss your application and to send you the necessary documents. Once you have completed the application package you will complete an online interview with a MyEducation staff member before being officially accepted onto the program.

Your application will then be sent to the overseas organisation and a placement will be found for you.

When can I depart?

When applying for the program you should have a departure date in mind. Applications must be submitted by the deadline in order for a placement to be found by your preferred departure date. If you have missed the deadline then please contact the office to speak with a staff member because our overseas partners might be able to place you within the usual placement period. Once you have your host family placement information you can speak with them to confirm your arrival date and time.

Do I need a visa?

You do not need a visa to complete a Live and Learn program. Placements are limited to 90 days so that you can enter on a tourist visa.

Can I travel before and after the placement?

You will book your own flights for the Live and Learn program so you are able to book whichever route you prefer to reach your host family. As long as you arrive at your host family home on the agreed date then that is the main concern. If you are hoping to travel within Brazil then you must remember that the 90 tourist visa limit exists and so you must plan your arrival and departure accordingly. Germany does not have the same restrictions if you are an EU citizen.​

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