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English tutoring overseas

For people who are disappointed to have missed the opportunity to experience life overseas and live with a host family, our Live and Learn programs are perfect for you. If you enjoys meeting new people and experiencing new cultures, our English tutoring programs will allow you live as a local in a foreign country while teaching the members of your host family English.

Live with a host family

You will be placed with a host family who will welcome you into their home and give you a room and board for the duration of their stay. In exchange for their hospitality you will be expected to teach the family members English for up to 15 hours a week. You can work with the family to assess how best to teach them, whether it is the parents or the children who want your knowledge. You do not need to have any teaching qualifications and instead just need to have a desire to share your language and the enthusiasm to make the sessions fun and informative.

MyEducation (UK) is delighted to offer two destinations for the Live and Learn programs. You can choose between:

  • Germany – country of history, culture and stunning landscapes
  • Brazil – country of fun, sun and samba where you could live while Brazil hosts the 2016 Olympics

Program Benefits

Both of our destinations offer the following program benefits:

  • Choose between 1 – 3 months (maximum 90 day stay)
  • Pre-departure support
  • Placement with a carefully screened host family
  • Full room and board
  • Local support during the program
  • Free time to explore your new home city
  • Time to learn the language
  • Live like a local and make global friends

Program requirements:

  • Provide up to 15 hours per week of informal English tutoring
  • Speak English with the family
  • Help in the home as you would in your own home

Take the opportunity to immerse yourself in life in a new country and become part of a new family and community. The Live and Learn program allows you to take some time overseas with the ability to travel before and after the program as you desire. You can live an exciting new life while providing valuable English tutoring from a native speaker to a host family. You will all benefit from the arrangement and make last relationships.

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