​Why study in the USA?

​Each year students from all over the world travel to the USA to attend a university because they know that an American higher education will give them the best preparation for their future. With a wide range of subject choices and access to some of the best research centres and professors in the world US universities welcome over 600,000 international students each year. Although we cannot guarantee that you will be able to attend a university in your preferred location, we can guarantee that you will receive a high quality education at extremely competitive costs.


  • Access to globally recognised and prestigious institutions
The USA has the highest number of universities and colleges which offer first class training with highly qualified staff. Many of the professors at these schools are leaders in their academic field.

  • Guarantee of receiving a scholarship
  • Go Campus have a 100% success rate of obtaining scholarship offers for approved candidates. As a Go Campus scholar applicant you are guaranteed access to at least nine scholarships from nine different institutions across the USA
  • Campus life​
The friendships that are available to students on campus make the experience very special. You will make lifelong friends with Americans and fellow international students and live close enough to one another to spend every day together. The variety of facilities that are available to students will also allow you to spend time in the library and still attend the college football game that day.

  • The American culture

    America is a melting pot of cultures and the people are keen to embrace new people and are open, friendly and generous with their time. American students will welcome you as a part of their lives and you will have the opportunity to learn from them while also teaching people about your background.

  • Employer Recognition

    Universities and colleges in the America hold professional accreditation from different governing bodies. These institutions earn and maintain this accreditation by meeting certain criteria necessary to be able to offer a high-class education and a degree that is recognised by employers across the world.

  • A variety of educational opportunities

    US higher education institutions allow you to dictate the manner and speed in which you complete your degree. You must earn credits throughout your degree but you can choose how many subjects you study each semester and you can choose options subjects to study.

  • Practical experience, research and technology

    Most colleges and universities have established affiliations with employers and researchers and encourage participation in practical programmes. With access to modern technologies and the skilled staff to train you in your discipline you will leave university with a more rounded and practical understanding of your area of study.

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