​Why apply through Go Campus?

​As an individual you are able to apply for a place at a U.S. university by yourself but it can be a lengthy, lonely and frustrating process. By working with MyEducation (UK) and Go Campus we do most of the hard work for you and we are able to offer advice on your application documents and guide you through the process from initial enquiry to departure.

What happens if you apply for a US university with us?

  • Through Go Campus you will submit only ONE application
  • Your application will be seen by the entire Go Campus university group
  • You will pay a one-time only fee for your application
  • You will be offered NINE scholarships from NINE different universities from across the USA
  • You will not have to pay full international fees to attend university in the USA
  • MyEducation (UK) will make the application process easy and stress-free by guiding you step-by-step
  • MyEducation (UK) will assist you with the logistics involved in preparing for your departure ie. securing your visa, flights and accommodation etc. etc.
  • Go Campus and MyEducation (UK) will keep in contact during your time away to offer support and to hear all of your exciting news

What happens if you apply for a US university by yourself?

  • You will need to choose which university/ies you wish to apply to and there are over 2,600 available
  • You will have to complete the individual application form for each university you choose to apply to. No applications are the same and may require different documents, information and personal statements.
  • You will have to pay the individual application fee for each university that you apply to which can become quite expensive
  • The speed of processing your application might be slow due to the difficulty of communicating with the Admissions office from overseas
  • If you are not accepted at your chosen university then you will need to repeat the process until you are successful which will mean completing more application forms and paying further fees
  • Once you are accepted at a university then you are able to apply for a scholarship which requires further paperwork and processing
  • If you do not secure a scholarship offer then you may need to apply to a different university or agree to pay the full cost of international fees
  • Once you accept a place in the U.S you then need to manage the logistics before departure yourself such as a securing your visa, accommodation, flights etc.etc.

Applying for a place at a U.S. university through MyEducation (UK) and Go Campus will be simpler, cheaper and less stressful. We can guarantee that you will receive a generous scholarship offer from nine different universities and you will not pay the full cost of attending a college in the USA as an international student.

Contact our office today on 02380 970 924 or info@myeducationuk.co.uk to begin the stress-free journey to becoming a university student in the USA!

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