Where can I study? ​

The best thing you can do when choosing a university is to forget about location, state and climate and instead focus on the facilities, student population, subjects available and extra curricular activities.  However, we know that for many applicants they may want to live in certain areas of the country. Our collaborative universities are located across the United States, from the east to the west coast, from north to south. See the map above - the blue states are where we have cooperative universities. 

Through the Go Campus Scholarship program, you will receive scholarship offers from at least 9 different universities based on your personal application. You are able to choose up to 2 of the universities that are on your scholarship list, therefore allowing you to have some control over the area you may live in the USA.The universities you can choose from can be seen on the right. If you are applying for one of our Top Universities or Community Colleges, you  can choose the place to study.

In the end, however, the success of your experience is based on the university that best suits you, and not the university that happens to be located in the state you think has the best reputation. In other words, it is the mood and facilities on campus that, together with you and the other students, that will determine how your stay will be. In that context, it's unimportant whether there are 100 or 400 miles to the nearest big city or beach - this will have no impact on your everyday life and you have ample opportunity to experience these places on weekends and holidays. Therefore, choose your university with your heart. 

You may want to consider a university that has a number of international students. Firstly, they can be sure that they take good care of their international students as they prioritise a multicultural university environment. Secondly, you will meet many students who are in exactly the same situation as yourself, and last but not least, a daily life and education with nationalities from all over the world is indescribably inspiring.​

The 12 universities you can choose from are:

Illinois College, Jacksonville, IL

Normal price: $ 39,780

Go Campus Scholarship pris: $15.450

Savings: 61%

University of Wisconsin - Superior, Superior, WI

Regular price: $ 22,800

Go Campus Scholarship pris: $15.600

Savings: 32%

St. Mary's University of Minnesota, Winona, MN

Regular price: $ 41,800

Go Campus Scholarship pris: $15.900

Savings: 62%

Southern Utah University, Cedar City, UT

Regular price: $ 28,300

Go Campus Scholarship pris: $16.000

Savings: 43%

Truman State University, Kirksville, MO

Regular price: $ 23,000

Go Campus Scholarship pris: $16.000

Savings: 30%

Menlo College, Atherton, CA

Regular price: $ 52,650

Go Campus Scholarship pris: $16.000

Savings: 70%

Caroll University, Waukesha, WI

Regular price: $ 41,000

Go Campus Scholarship pris: $16.000

Savings: 61%

Aquinas College, Grand Rapids, MI

Regular price: $ 41,310

Go Campus Scholarship pris: $17.310

Savings: 58%

University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, Eau Claire, WI

Regular price: $ 26,200

Go Campus Scholarship pris: $20.200

Savings: 23%

North Park University, Chicago, IL

Regular price: $ 39,000

Go Campus Scholarship pris: $23.000

Savings: 41%

Stetson University, DeLand, FL

Regular price: $ 58,000

Go Campus Scholarship pris: $27.000

Savings: 53%

Colorado Mesa University, Grand Junction, CO

Regular price: $ 34,600

Go Campus Scholarship pris: $25.600

Savings: 26%

See a summary of universities and prices HERE .

Prices are per year for education, housing and meals (two meals a day) and are based on an annual 5% increase. Prices may change slightly.

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