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One of the main benefits of studying in the USA instead of the UK is that you are offered more time to decide what field you want to complete your degree in. In the UK you are asked to decide on one or two topics that you wish to study when you are quite young and the ability to change your mind is difficult and may require you to withdraw from the university and reapply.

In the USA this is not the case at all. First years are encouraged to study a wide range of subjects so that you can steadily choose your main field of study with your eyes wide open and with a broad knowledge base to draw from. Electives allow students to explore new possibilities and receive a well-rounded education. Some subjects are regarded as “general core” requirements and may include humanities, foreign languages, social sciences, math and sciences.

Applicants must choose three subjects that they would like to study and these subjects are prioritised on your form. The universities that consider your application will take your subject preferences very seriously and look to honour these choices when offering you a scholarship at their institution.

Areas of study can be chosen from the list below:

List 1:

(You must select at least one subject from this list)


(You must select at least one subject from this list)

Earth Science

Health Care Administration/Management

Music Instrumental/Vocal/Choral

Music Vocal Performance



Sociology Social  Science/Social Studies

Theater Performance


  • Not all subjects will be available at each university. If you are looking for an unusual field of study, this may mean that MyEducation (UK) must reduce the number of scholarships that we are able to guarantee to you.
  • It is very important that each student prioritise which subject areas they wish to study.

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