​The four Go Campus Programs

​The majority of applicants choose our Go Campus scholarship program where we guarantee placement at a US university and a scholarship of up to 60% off the cost of your tuition, room and board.

However, for applicants who might want to study at a higher level university or travel for less than one year, there are other programs available for you to consider.

  • Go Campus Scholarships
  • Go Campus Top Universities
  • Go Campus Community Colleges
  • Go Campus ESL

Go Campus Scholarships​

The Go Campus Scholarship program guarantees students nine scholarships and at least one will be for up to 60% of your university costs.​

​After lodging your application with our office, Go Campus will present you with a list of a minimum of nine different universities with associated scholarships. As an undergraduate applicant you can then choose which scholarship you wish to accept. We can offer no guarantee on where the offers will come from, but we can guarantee that nine universities will want you to join their campus.

If you are keen to apply for a Master’s program then you will receive at least three scholarship offers.

The universities in this program are ‘4-year institutions’ but you can apply for just one year if you wish to. All universities will have an excellent academic record, top-rate facilities and will be located throughout the US. All students are guaranteed accommodation on campus in this program.

The admission requirements are a minimum of a 2.5 GPA. But remember to highlight if you play sport to a high level as this may lead to stronger scholarships being offered to you.

Go Campus Scholarships with MyEducation (UK) are your best opportunity to complete a degree in the USA for an affordable price.

Go Campus Top Universities

Many students dream of attending one of the very best universities in the USA. These Top Universities are ranked just below the Ivy League and offer a very prestigious educational experience. These institutions are often very large, very professionally managed, with thousands of students on campus and they have a wealth of excellent facilities.

To study at a Top University would undoubtedly be a fantastic experience that will influence your life, however the admission requirements are somewhat tougher and the GPA is higher at 3.0, or even higher for some.

The cost to attend a Top University is also significantly higher as we are unable to secure you a scholarship for these institutions.

MyEducation (UK) is able to assist you with your application to one of these universities. We will help with your documents, ensure you meet the necessary deadlines and complete the relevant tests. However we cannot guarantee that you will be accepted but we will give you all the help you need to produce a very strong application for your chosen school.

Go Campus Community Colleges

​Some students may only prefer to travel for one semester and the Go Campus Community College program can make this possible.

For these students we can offer stays from one semester to two years. A community college often has a smaller campus and has a wider age range of students who attend. The application requirements for entry are easier to meet so you can choose this option if your most recent academic grades do not reflect your best work.

We cannot guarantee accommodation on campus at a community college as rooms are given on a first come, first served basis and some colleges will only offer off-campus housing.

At a community college you will receive the full US educational experience but without the offer of a scholarship to support you financially.

Go Campus ESL

​If English is not your first language, then you can receive an American education while improving your language skills simultaneously with Go Campus ESL. You will live on campus as all other students do and receive English lessons with other international students. The admission requirements are not strict, requiring no minimum grade average and no TOEFL test either. After a semester of ESL you can switch to regular classes and study the subjects you want to.

With Go Campus ESL we can guarantee scholarships of up to 30% which will help to cover the cost of tuition, room and board.

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