​​How to apply

The quality of your application can make a significant difference to the scholarships and institutions that will make an offer to you. When putting your application together you should consider this fact and take the time to put together a superior application.

Step One:Application

Submit your application with your deposit payment. Your application must include:

  • Complete Go Campus Application
  • Curriculum Vitae – indicating academic and extra-curricular activities. It should include a smiling headshot.
  • Certified copy of end of school results or diploma. If you are in your final year of school/college you must include a letter from a school official stating your current academic standing and expected date of graduation.
  • Certified copy of university transcripts (if applying while at university)
  • Two written references from your place of study or an employer. At least one recommendation must be from a high schools official and the references must be signed and stamped.
  • Personal essay including the following:
    • This is an important opportunity for you to introduce yourself to the universities and colleges and allow them to understand you and why you wish to study in the USA.
    • Introduce yourself clearly including information about your personality, hobbies and activities.
    • Describe your goals and motivations and your personal career (including education and extracurricular experiences)
    • Reasons why the university or college should choose you and what you will bring to life on the campus.
  • SAT Test score (optional)
    • We do not require that applicants take the SAT but we recommend that you do as this will make your overall application stronger and could lead to more generous scholarship offers from colleges. Some colleges will require the SAT to be taken if you choose to attend their college and this will be confirmed in the Scholarship report.
    • You can see how to complete the SAT on our Frequently Asked Questions page
  • Signed Go Campus contract
  • Copy of passport

*** If applying for the Athletics scholarship you will also need to include:***

  • 2 letters of recommendation from your sports coaches
  • An athletic curriculum vitae
  • A good quality video of you showcasing your skills and abilities.

Step Two: Interview

After receiving your application at our office we will contact you to arrange a convenient time for an online interview. The interview will include:

  • Questions about your education experience and your personal abilities
  • Your hopes and expectations of the programme
  • Explain the process in detail to you
  • Offer you and your parents a chance to ask any questions that you might have.

Step Three : Acceptance

If successful we will contact you to confirm your acceptance on to the program. Go Campus will prepare your Scholarship Report and this will be issued to you within 30 days of acceptance.

Step Four : Offer acceptance

Once you have received your scholarship offers you have 10 days to accept one scholarship. After that time the offers will lapse. The second instalment is due when you accept a university offer.

Step Five : Admissions process

Once you have formally accepted a scholarship offer the admissions process will commence. Go Campus and MyEducation (UK) staff will guide you through this process. There will be required paperwork for the chosen institution such as application, medical forms, financial documents etc. You will be in direct contact with the university for much of this process as they will coordinate payments and the issuing of your I-20 immigration form

Step Six : Visa application

Final payment is due for your I-20 form to be released to you. You will need this form to attend an interview at the US Consulate and secure your visa

Step Seven: Prepare for an adventure!

Book your flights and prepare for departure​

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