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​In partnership with Go Campus USA, MyEducation (UK) is able to offer you the opportunity to study in the USA and gain much more than just an education. Through our Athletics and Academic scholarships you can study overseas for a similar or lower cost than it would be to complete a degree in the UK, while gaining valuable life and academic experiences on a college campus.

In cooperation with our partner in the USA, My Education is able to offer a wide range of scholarships to UK students that were previously reserved for US residents. You can choose to study for just a year or to complete a full degree. You will be offered NINE scholarships with at least one saving up to 60% on the fees you would pay for tuition, room and board if you applied elsewhere. Read more here. Our scholarships allow students to use their athletic and academic ability to gain a university education in the USA often for less than it costs to study at home

US universities are keen to welcome international students onto their campuses in order to strengthen their student body and encourage education on an international scale. As a result we are able to guarantee our applicants access to nine scholarship offers or you will receive a full refund on your application fee. The strength of your application will determine the offers that are made to you but you are guaranteed to receive a scholarship offer of up to 60% the cost of tuition, housing and food on our program.

Our scholarships are the perfect way for you to experience life overseas and challenge yourself personally and academically. If you love to meet new people and are keen to become part of a campus community then this is the program for you as it will bring you new opportunities every day.​​ Find out how to apply here.​

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