Become an Au Pair Abroad​

What is an Au Pair?

Do you love children? Have you dreamed of spending a time as an Au Pair abroad working and living with a host family? Now, while you are young and free? As part of your education or while deciding what to do with your life?

MyEducation (UK) Ltd gives young women between 18 and 30 the chance to participate in a cultural exchange program, and live and work as an Au Pair, with a friendly and open host family.

Au Pair comes from French and means “at par” or “as equal to.” Your host family will welcome you not as a babysitter but as a big sister for their children and they will assist you with your assimilation into life in a new country. As you join in your family’s life – and chores – you’ll soon realize that even the simplest of family activities – a trip to the market or walk through the neighbourhood – helps you learn more about America.

Where can I go?

MyEducation (UK) is delighted to offer a choice of destinations for you to apply to be an Au Pair. In association with our overseas partners we are able to offer Au Pair placements to the following destinations:

You do not need to be concerned about a language barrier if you want to travel to The Netherlands or Germany because families value your English speaking skills. Having a basic knowledge of the language is a benefit but it is not a requirement.

​An interest in learning the language once you are on your placement is the most important thing to have and you will receive subsidies from your host family to assist you financially with a language course.

Why become an Au Pair Abroad?

As a MyEducation (UK) Au Pair you will live overseas for one year. You will help the family with all the tasks to be done in a normal household while living in the family home and earning pocket money. Above all, you will take care of the family children and enjoy forming a bond with them and their parents. A role of this nature requires a person who is reliable, mature and enjoys working with young people.

It is clear that such a year as an Au Pair will change you. You may learn a new language and take advantage of a subsidy to attend some local educational classes. You will learn how to handle yourself alone in a new culture and return with an insight and experience that will benefit you in your further work and private life. As you experience how other people, live, think and raise their children you’ll discover new things about yourself, your own life and your culture.

**Please note that there are many scams on the internet for Au Pair recruitment so it is important that you work with a registered and legitimate company to avoid entering into an unapproved placement and losing money in the process. MyEducation (UK) works with approved partners all of our destination in order to ensure that our programs are completely reliable and safe for our applicants.**


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