Language Travel​ Insurance

​Have you remembered to buy travel insurance?

MyEducation cooperates with Global Benefits Group to provide travel insurance policies to our Language Travel participants, and we would strongly recommend all our participants to purchase travel insurance through us. At MyEducation we have many travellers who rarely get into trouble, and therefore we can offer great prices for great coverage for ALL our customers.

Many of our destinations are within the EU and so our participants should have the blue EHIC card on departure. This card will provide you with medical care of a high standard and low fee in EU countries. Our travel insurance however, will ensure the best and fastest treatment, - unlike the Blue Card our policy covers repatriation, insurance against loss of belongings, and much more.

Global Benefits Group is one of the most reputable and recognised insurance providers in the market, and they are known for offering customers personalised, professional and especially fast operation.​

We have two types of insurance available for purchase: Travel Insurance Within Europe and Travel Insurance Outside of Europe

Travel Insurance in Europe

Click here to see what coverage we provide in Europe

With travel insurance from Global Benefits Group you are really well covered on the language journey. You can get help if an accident occurs, whether you're just going to the doctor or if you need to go into hospital. You can call our 24 hour medical attention line, and the English speaking doctors and nurses are ready to help you. Please note that this policy must be accompanied by the blue EHIC card. We have some really good prices for super coverage:

Pricing for Insurance Within Europe​

​​Age 12 - 39 years

1​ week

2​ - 4 weeks
​£9 per week

5 - 7 weeks
​£8.75 per week

8+ weeks
​£8.50 per week

Age 40 - 64 years

​​​1 week

​2 - 4 weeks
£15.75 per week

​5 -7 weeks
£15.30​ per week

​8+ weeks
£14.90​ per week

​​Age 65 - 75 years

​1 week

​2 - 4 weeks
£18 per week​​

​5 -7 weeks
£​​17.50 per week

​​8+ weeks
£17 per week

Travel Insurance outside Europe

Click to see what coverage we provide outside of Europe

When travelling outside Europe there is no health insurance or similar that covers you in the event you need medical attention or are hospitalised or needing medical transport. Therefore we strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance to cover you during your language journey. Without insurance you could end up with unmanageable debt for life, if you are not properly insured.

​Pricing for Insurance Outside of Europe

​Age 12 - 39 years​

1 week

2 - 4 weeks
​£14.50 per week

5 - 7 weeks
​£14 per week

8+ week
​£13.50 per week​

Age 40 - 64 years

1 week


2-4 weeks
£25.40 per week


5-7 weeks
£24.50 per week

8+ weeks
£23.65 per week

Age 65 - 75 years​

1 week

2 - 4 weeks
£29 per week​

5 - 7 weeks
£28 per week​​

8+ weeks
£27 per week

Please do not hesitate to contact the office to discuss the insurance policy if you have any questions. 


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