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​Youth Language Travel Programs FAQ

Q. What is the minimum age of your youth courses?

A. 8 years old. We offer courses for young people 8-20 years.

Q. Is it safe to send my child away?

A. We send our students only to reputable schools which take their responsibility very seriously. On campus college accommodation has staff to offer 24 hour supervision.

Q. How will my child get from the airport to the accommodation?

A. All students are met by a representative at the arrivals gate (after baggage collection). The staff member/transfer driver will be waiting to greet them and will be holding a sign with the students’ name on as well as the school name so the student can find them easily. They will then be transported directly and safely to their accommodation. At the end of the programme they will be taken from the accommodation to the airport by a school representative/transfer driver who accompany them to the check-in counter.

Q. What happens if the flight is delayed?

A. Staff travelling to the airport to collect your child will monitor the state of the flight so will know when the arrival is expected. However, you will receive an information pack before departure which will include a 24hour emergency number which can be called if anything goes wrong. During regular office hours MyEducation staff can also be contacted.

Q. What should my child pack/take on the trip?

A. Many schools will send a packing list so you can make sure you have everything you need packed before you travel. Before this to prepare we would suggest remembering things like a bath towel, comfortable shoes, stationery and a dictionary.

Q. What happens when students arrive at college / host family?

A. They are greeted by the staff and shown to their rooms. There will be a welcome meeting with practical information as well as an outline of the course and a chance to socialise with other students and in many cases a tour.

Q. My child has specific dietary requirements, is this catered for?

A. The food offered at the colleges is usually a buffet with a varied selection, including vegetarian, however it is important to inform us if there are special requests. If your child diet is very specific there is a possibility of an additional cost.

Q. What about pocket money?

A. We would suggest between £60-£80 maximum for pocket money per week. The best way to have this amount would be by a pre-deposited debit card (minimum age is 12 years). Please contact your bank for information on the best way to do this.

Q. Can our child get their clothes washed?

A. There are laundry facilities at both colleges and with host families - in most cases for a small fee.

Q. How are students divided into rooms?

A. The colleges will have rooms and halls of different sizes. We always want our students to be placed in a room with different nationalities. If your child is travelling with a friend they have the option to be placed in a room together (Please note this in the comment box on your registration form).

Q. Are all teachers trained?

A. All of the teaching is carried out by well-trained teachers who have specialized in teaching foreigners in the native language. They target their teaching to a young clientele and ensure that lessons are enjoyable and interesting.

Q. Will the students be expected to do homework?

A. The students will be on a summer vacation so there will be a lot of time for fun activities and additional learning, however, students will be expected to complete a number of hours homework per week.

Q. What do the students do after lessons finish?

A. The schools have a structured organized and varied activity and excursion program, so that almost all the time something is going on during the stay.

Q. What is meant by a "Travel Certificate"?

A. We will send you a "Travel Certificate" as one of the last before your departure. This is all the important documents and information that you and your child will need for your trip.

Q. What Unaccompanied Minor service?

A. Unaccompanied Minor or UM service is a service offered by both airlines and language schools, where you pay an extra fee for a dedicated person from the airline to accompany the student from the check-in desk and throughout the journey to arrival airport. At the arrival airport a dedicated person from the language school will then take the student from there to the school. This is usually a service that primarily targets young people under the age of 12 (and some airlines do not offer this service to young people if they are over 12 years). UM service must be booked both with the airline for the booking of flights AND at the language school (through us). It is often up to parents whether they want to buy this service. However, some airlines require that booking UM service if the student is under a certain age (eg 13 years). It is therefore important that parents examine this closely before they purchase the flight ticket. If booking  an UM service with the airline, this MUST also be booked  with the UM service through us / language school. It is important that parents state clearly whether they are booking the UM service or not.

Q. Should insurance be taken out?

A. It is certainly advisable to take out both cancellation and travel insurance if you do not already have it in advance. We offer insurance and information can be found here.

Adult Language Travel Program FAQ

Q. Can I book flights through you?

A. Flight prices vary enormously, depending on the destination, travel time and the time of booking of flights. We cannot book your flight for you, but we have a contact at STA Travel we can work with to assist you with this process. Please note we cannot guarantee the cheapest price possible and it may be financially advantageous for you to book your own flights with an airline provider directly. We will advise of the dates and times parameters in which you need to arrival at the airport destination.

Q. Can I be picked up on arrival?

A. Yes, we offer a transfer service so you can be picked up at the arrivals gate and taken to the accommodation and also back to the airport on departure. There is a fee for this service.

Q. How much does the course cost?

A. The prices are published on each program destination page. For adults you will need to add the course fee to the fee for your choice of accommodation for the overall cost, however, you are more than welcome to contact us to provide you with the total cost of the program.

Q. When will I know if I have been admitted to the school?

A. Once we have received a registration and deposit, we will immediately registering for school, and you can then expect to hear from us within a few days.

Q. When can I start a course?

A. There are specific start dates for beginners, usually once a month, but otherwise there are at most schools the opportunity to start every Monday year round.

Q. What class am I being placed in?

A. All students are linguistically tested the first school day, and the result of this test is the basis for which class to suit the individual level.

Q. What is the average age of adult programs?

A. The adult program is undertaken by students of all ages so it is very hard to say what the average ages with be in your specific class. However, each student in the class will be at the same level as you and very excited to be on the program.

Q. What about the teaching?

A. The schools make use of well-trained teachers, all of which have a specialty in teaching foreigners in their native language. The teachers make teaching as lively and interesting as possible.

Q. How long is a lesson?

A. Teaching lessons varies from school to school - most are of 45 minutes duration, while others are of 50 or 60 minutes in length.

Q. How many student are  in the class?

A. This varies depending on what level you are on, but there are rarely more than a maximum of 12 participants in the class.

Q. Are there any social events at the school?

A. All schools have different social events and excursions that you can sign up and pay for after arrival at the school.

Q. How are host families selected?

A.The schools have a person assigned to visit and approve the families they work with. There is a wide range of requirements the family must meet to ensure the they meet the quality criteria of a host family.

Q. Can I choose another form of accommodation?

A. You can choose to live with a host family, or in most cases college accommodation, share or single occupancy or in a local hotel.

Q. How far is the accommodation from the school?

A. It varies widely from school to school, but as a rule it can be said that in cities very big cities travel time can be up to about an hour, whereas in smaller cities the school may be in walking distance or a short travel on public transport. In all cases the schools always place their students as close to school as possible.

Q. When do I need to pay for the travel program?  

A. To ensure you place on the program a deposit will need to be submitted with the booking form. The full balance of the programme (including accommodation) is payable 8 weeks before departure. For bookings made within 8 weeks of departure the full balance to be paid immediately after confirmation of the stay.

Q. Can I get help during my stay at the school?

A. The school staff are on hand to give full support to you during your stay, however, in the unlikely event there any language problems you are very welcome to contact the MyEducation Office.


Q. What is meant by a "Travel Certificate"?

A. We will send you a "Travel Certificate" as one of the last things before your departure. This is all the important documents and information that you will need for your trip.

Q. Should insurance be taken out?

A. It is certainly advisable to take out both cancellation and travel insurance if you do not already have it in advance. We offer insurance and information can be found here.

50+ Language Travel Program FAQ

Q. What is the difference between a 50+ language travel and a normal adult language travel?  

A. 50+ programs are defined "package programs" with specific dates, where the language course, accommodation and activity program is included. This means that you are with a group of participants (all over 50) throughout the period of travel and participate in both teaching and activity program with this group.

​In the general adult programs are aged more varied (all ages over 18 years), there will often be more combinations in terms of course type, language levels are more mixed (all are tested and placed on hold with the appropriate level), and are not included activities (these can be purchased after arrival).

Q. What is the language level on these trips?

A. All participants take a language test on the first day and this allows you to be placed in a group with the appropriate level. Participants with very low level or beginners can participate in these courses.

Q. What activities and excursions are included in the price?

A. Each school arranges the activities and excursions and these will be available to view and book upon arrival at the school. Generally, there will be activities every day and 1-3 full or half-day excursions per week.

Q. Is there transfer service included?

A. Yes, we have included transfer service from / to the airport both on arrival and departure. This means that you will be picked up at the airport on your arrival and taken directly to your accommodation, and you will be driven from your lodgings to the airport on your departure.



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