Customised Language Travel Trips​

Should you customise your language trip?

MyEducation provides many regular programs for people of all ages and interests, which you can find prices, dates and information about on this website. There is a sea of combinations for you to choose from in relation to the destination, accommodation, catering, number of lessons, type of course with / without transfer etc., 

With all of these choices, we can still tailor a Language Travel adventure for your individual preferences. So for example if you are interested in a different destination, or an individual language course (with or without accommodation), another type of accommodation than is priced or a second course with / without transfer or one of the following destinations where we work with language schools, but not one of listed programs, we can help, so just contact us to work out what you need. 

To make the "tailoring process" as simple and straightforward as possible, we ask you to consider the following before you contact us with a request:


Where would you like to go?

Besides the many destinations described on the website, we also offer language courses to many other places. Do you have a specific city in mind, which is not found in our destination list? Please call or email us to find out whether it is possible to get you there.


Language course:

How many lessons do you want per. week?

A course with 20 lessons per week is standard (equivalent to 4 lessons every day from Monday to Friday). However, most schools offer, many different kinds of courses (eg. 25 lessons / 30 lessons / private tuition, exam courses, business courses, internships and much more.) Under Course Options list on each page, you can read more about the options for each location. Want to travel to another destination?  Please feel free to call or write to us so we can advise if we offer the type of course you are looking at the given destination.


How would you like to be accommodated?

If you want accommodation through us, then you should consider the type of accommodation you prefer. Under Program Information for every destination you can read more about accommodation options. At most destinations you can choose between staying with a host family or the language school's college. In some places it is also possible to stay in a shared apartment, hotel or hostel. Want to travel to another destination which is not listed, please feel free to call or email us to hear what accommodation options are offered in the given destination.

Transfer service:

Want to get the transfer service to / from the airport included in the price?

All language schools offer this service at an additional cost. It can be individually tailored to the individual traveller who wants to be picked up from and taken to the airport (or other arrival / departure place). Some people also choose to get the included transfer service upon arrival, but prefer to be in charge of transport at departure.


Do you want full board, half board or breakfast included, or do you want self-catering accommodation?

Many places you can, depending on the type of accommodation, choose the type of board you want. Elsewhere, it is already determined what type of pension / Board are included in the given property. Read more on pages Program Info for each destination, or contact us if you want to travel to another destination, to hear what the possibilities are.

Multiple Destinations:

Maybe you want to learn a language in more than one destination across your chosen country or across the world? We can put together a program to compliment this request and provide a quote to suit your needs.

Please note that there will be an additional fee of £50 to put together this customised program for you as the process of tailoring a language trip to your specific needs is more time consuming. The program fee we provide for the trip will include this fee.


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