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Have you ever wanted to explore a new part of the world while learning the language and living like a local? With a MyEducation Language Travel course you can call a town like Berlin, Tokyo or Antibes a second home. Whether you are 12 or 17, MyEducation has the language course for you.

There are many types of language experiences available and you can choose the course that works for you based on the language school, your age, destination, city and desired travel time. Prices also vary from place to place. However, we can describe some general characteristics that apply to most language travel which can help to give you an overall impression of what to expect.

What is Language Travel?

Our Language Travel programs will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a life in a foreign country during your Summer holidays. You can enhance your language skills and boost your confidence both with the language and personally an a language travel camp with MyEducation. Take a step away from the UK in a completely safe manner by joining one of our summer courses. Make friends from around the world and explore a new town. Participate in language classes taught by native speakers and join in fun and engaging activities everyday. Language Travel will give you a summer that you will never forget and improve your language skills in a very short space of time.

The language classes form the main part of the Language Travel experience, but they are also just one part of the experience. A standard language course includes 20 lessons per week, 4 or 5 lessons a day. Class lengths and group size vary from school to school. On arrival you will be level-tested to ensure that you are enrolled at the right level. However, throughout the programme your level can of course progress as your language skills improve.

If you only have a short time to learn the language, we recommend an intensive language course with up to 30 lessons a week. You might have up to 6 additional  lessons a week, but still have time to participate in cultural activities with other students. There are also many schools that offer combination course with standard group lessons and daily private lessons.

On some courses the teachers engage in both the teaching and cultural activities, while the larger schools have a separate staff to manage the extra curricular time. ​Whatever option you consider, you can find information within these pages or staff in the office will also be able to guide you to a tailor made programme for your needs.

Accommodation Options

Accommodation is included in the price of the program. Depending on your age and the program you choose, you can either live with a local host family or in the language school accommodation.

A host family will offer you a twin-bed room and you will become part of their family home for the duration of your stay. You will attend classes and spend time with your friends, but also have the unique experience of living and speaking with a local family. You can put your new language skills to the test. This is a truly immersive experience and a great way to see how the locals live. All host families are checked and vetted by the language school and are located within a walk of the school or on a public transport route.

School accommodation options vary from program to program, but students generally live in a twin-bed room within the language school accommodation. Staff are present 24/7 to assist and monitor you and make sure you are safe.

All of our Language Travel programs for people age 12-18 are full board. If you live with a host family it is likely that you will have breakfast and dinner with them and lunch will be at the language school canteen. If you choose school accommodation, meals will be at the accommodation or at the language school or at local cafes and restaurants. On days where you are on an excursion, packed lunches are provided. Please note that students with specific dietary requirements might need to pay an additional fee.

Activities and Excursions

All of our summer language programs offer an organised schedule of activities for the time when you are not in lessons. The individual destination pages describe what amount of activities are included in the program, but you can expect to be entertained while on these programs.

Some schools have a dedicated staff who manage the activities for the students, while others are run by the language school staff. You can choose programs that focus on a specific sport such as Dance or Water sports, or you can choose to sightsee in a specific city.

The full activity schedule is complemented by the excursions that are also on offer. Most programs offer a half day excursion during the week and a full day excursion at weekends. N.B. you would need a minimum program length of 2 weeks to be included in a full day trip.

Airport transfer

All of our programs include a transfer to and from your arrival airport. Arrivals must be to the listed airport and on set days within a certain window. If you cannot manage this then an extra fee might be requested.

Students will be met by a taxi service or staff from the language school and will be taken directly to their accommodation. Arrivals are generally on a Sunday and departures on a Saturday.


We do not include the cost of a flight in our program fee. We prefer to give you the freedom to choose the route and airline you prefer. If you are under 16 at the time of travel, please be sure to check with the airline before booking as some airlines will not allow unaccompanied minors to fly alone or they may require that they join the Unaccompanied Minor service.

We work with a travel agent who can book a flight for you if you would like us to. Please let us know at the office if you would like our assistance.

Why are language courses a good way to travel?

​Et sprogkursus kan sætte rammen om en ferie. Man bruger sin ferie på, sammen eller hver for sig, at lære sprog. Efter endt undervisning er der planlagt aktiviteter, som man kan deltage i. Man er garanteret samvær med nye mennesker, så man skal ikke bruge tid på at opsøge nogen eller selv at planlægge aktiviteter i lokalområdet. Skolens personale er vant til at arrangere udflugter for udlændinge og ved hvilke steder, der er værd at besøge. Man mister altså ikke hele dage på at gå efter en oplevelse, der viser sig at være et flop.

Man kan rejse sammen som kolleger, som forældre og børn, som bedsteforældre og børnebørn, som par eller som enkeltperson. Er man single og ønsker at rejse og møde nye mennesker, så er et sprogkursus også en oplagt ferieform, for man er aldrig overladt til sig selv.

Vi sælger også sprogkurser til 50+ kunder, dvs. kunder der har rundet de 50 år, men fortsat har meget appetit på at undersøge verden og lære mere. Ved at gå efter et kursus til netop denne målgruppe, så ved man, at man kommer til at lære sammen med andre på samme alder og opefter. Vi har hørt om studerende op til 92 år, så det er aldrig for sent at holde sig åndsfrisk! Skolen vil holde denne gruppe for sig, så man primært er sammen med jævnaldrende. Har man ikke noget imod at være blandet med alle aldersgrupper, så kan man købe et almindeligt sprogkursus for voksne.​


​Hvorfor køber vores kunder sprogrejser?

  • ​For at forbedre det sprog de er i gang med at lære på en uddannelse.
  • For at blive bedre til at tale med forretningsforbindelser på engelsk/spansk/tysk/fransk/kinesisk m.fl.
  • ​For at opsøge en ferie med indhold, hvor man er sammen med andre mennesker om noget – her sætter sprogkurset rammen for ferien.
  • ​For at lære en bestemt kultur eller et land bedre at kende.
  • ​For at blive mere flydende i at tale sproget op til en eksamen.
  • ​For at opkvalificere sine medarbejdere – investere i human kapital.

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