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For Ages: 13 -19 years
Language: Spanish
Host Family or College residence
19.06 - 19.08.2022

Valencia Summer Language Travel

Valencia student graduation

Summer Course // 14 -17

Valencia is a medium-sized city located on the Mediterranean cost of Spain and has something to suit all tastes. You’ll discover a modern city brimming with culture and history, fabulous beaches and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. It’s the perfect city for teenage students, easy to move around and safe. On a summer language travel program in Valencia, you will have an unforgettable experience.

During the course, students become immersed in Spanish language and culture, learn how people use the language in real life, how they speak to each other in the street and how the socialise. Students develop skills that they can immediately practice outside the classroom. Classes foucs on communication skills, although grammar and vocabulary are also important. The Summer camp takes place in a separate wing of the school to ensure that all camp students are together and interacting during breaks from class.

Valencia bike tour

Activities and Excursions

​Our program of activities and excursions will help our students discover Spanish culture, the friendly attitude of the locals and the festive atmosphere of our city. Every day there will be activities which include cultural visits, sports competitions, barabecues, dancing lessons, beach afternoons or shopping. On Saturdays students will join a full day excursion to places such as the Aquapark, Benicassim, Albufera Lake, Altea, Alicante, Madrid, Barcelona and much more. Sundays are free for students to spend the day with their host family or they can meet friends.

Throughout the camp the students are supported by the experienced team of teachers and co-ordinators who accompany them throughout the classes and activities. All visits and excursions are managed by the team and included in the program.

Supervision and Free Time

Students are required to participate in all classes, activities and excursions that are part of the language travel program. Staff are available to support the students through their language learning and to ensure they make the most of the cultural activities and make friends and enjoy themselves. Specialist activities such as sailing are always supervised by professional instructors and students are expected to follow the curfew set for them by their age.

Students living with a host family will be supported on their first day and the family will assist them to get to and from school safely. For an additional fee this service can be provided throughout the program. Students staying with a host family would return home for dinner after activities and spend their evening with their host family. Under Spanish law, it is illegal to sell alcohol and cigarettes to young people under the age of 18, and both are prohibited on this program.


The teaching at the language school in Valencia is of high quality and staff create the right framework for optimal language learning in small, international, level-divided classes. On the first day of your course, your Spanish level will be tested, and then you will be placed in the language class that best suits your level. This language tour includes  20 Spanish lessons of 50 minutes per week . Teaching usually takes place in the morning. There will be a maximum of 10 students in a class.

Note that all teaching takes place in Spanish and we therefore recommend that you know a little Spanish before departure.

Accommodation Options

You can choose to live in school accommodation or with a host family.

School accommodation: (Age 13-16) Students stay in twin, triple or quadruple rooms with shared bathrooms. Meals are taken at the residence canteen. There is 24-hour staffing, weekly cleaning and free self-service laundry machines and driers. The residence is located in the old town, just a 6 minute walk from the language school. (Age 16-19) Students stay in twin rooms with a private bathroom. Meals are taken at the residence canteen. There is 24-hour staffing, weekly cleaning and free self-service laundry machines and driers. The residence is located just a 12 minute walk from the school.

Host family accommodation: families are carefully chosen to provide comfort and care for our students and many families have been with the school for many years. Students usually have a twin room with full board. Lunch can be packed or a hot lunch depending on requirements. Weekly laundry and cleaning is included. The average host family is located 25 minutes by public transport from the school and many families live closer in the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Program Inclusions
  • 20 lessons per week of Spanish teaching.
  • Level test on arrival.
  • Class materials.
  • Certificate and report at end of program.
  • Accommodation at school accommodation in twin, triple or quadruple bed rooms.
  • Or host family accommodation in twin room.
  • Full board.
  • Supervision and support.
  • Arrival on Sunday, departure on Saturday. Option for additional night available for departure on Sunday. Additional fee will be charged.
  • Full activity schedule.
  • 1 full day excursion included each week.
  • Transfer to and from airport on standard arrival days between set times. (Valencia)
  • 24 hour emergency assistance.
  • MyEducation service and support prior to departure and during program.

Summer, Host Family (twin) || 1 week: £765 || 2 weeks: £1,305 || 3 weeks: £1,895 || 4 weeks: £2,485 || 5 weeks: £3,070  || 6 weeks: £3,660

Optional extra supervision from host family to school: £79.50 a week

Summer, college (twin, age 13-16) || 1 week: £805 || 2 weeks: £1,865 || 3 weeks: £2,155 || 4 weeks: £2,835 || 5 weeks: £3,510 || 6 weeks: £4,190

Summer, college (twin, age 16-19) || 1 week: £890 || 2 weeks: £1,620 || 3 weeks: £2,350 || 4 weeks: £3,075 || 5 weeks: £3,805 || 6 weeks: £4,535


  • Population: approx. 835,000
  • Language: Spanish
  • Fun fact: València was the capital of Spain when Joseph Bonaparte moved the Court there in the summer of 1812. It also served as capital between 1936 and 1937, during the Second Spanish Republic.
  • MyEducation recommends: Oceanografic de València which is the largest aquarium in Europe. It holds more than 500 different marine species and has 45,000 sea creatures visible in nine towers.
  • What to eat in València: Paella Valènciana. Many people speak of paella for any rice based dish, but many use it exclusively to talk about the local Valèncian version. It is truly one of the best placed in Spain to enjoy paella.


​València is a medium sized city on the east cost of Spain. It is a modern city full of culture, history, fabsulous beaches and a friendly atmosphere. It has an historic city centre that has sights from many old civilisations. València is a very Spanish city with lively events and friendly people. The traditional and cosmopolitan life stand side by side giving the city many attractions. It is also the home of Mediterranean gastronomy where paella was born and it also has endless orange groves. The sandy beaches and the green city with many parks make this a fun and safe place for a student to explore.


The language school is located in the historical Palcaio de los Fernandez de Córdova building deep in the heart of València’s old town and is surrounded by history and culture. The building has been carefully renovated to become a 21st century language school that compliments history with modernism. The school is placed where the 11th century Arab city walls were standing and a big part of them has remained inside the building, penetrating through the school and into the classrooms, creating an atmosphere of history and mystery.

The building has 28 classrooms with interactive whiteboards, a student café with reading area, two patios with fruit trees and a roof garden to enjoy the beautiful weather all year round. The summer camp is run from a separate wing of the school so that the students can mix easily together and spend time when outside of the classroom.


Complete our contact form and a staff member will be in touch to talk more about the program and to confirm the dates and fees for the trip. You can read more about Language Travel here and read our FAQs page to answer all of your questions. You should also read our Terms and Conditions for booking.

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