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Ages: 13-17
Language: Spanish
Host Family or School
03.04 - 17.04.23 or 12.06 - 13.08.23


Summer Course // 13-17

Cadiz is the perfect place for a Spanish Summer Course for Teenagers if you are looking for an authentic city which mixes sun, sea, and studies. Teenagers can take advantage of the history of this city, one of the oldest in Europe, but with the added bonus of being next to some of the most beautiful beaches in Spain, with opportunities to do water sports or simply relax after class (the summer course even includes one surfing lesson!).

Our courses are focused on helping you reach your potential in the Spanish language at the same time as making sure you have plenty of space to get out and make friends and have fun in our language. That way we make sure they obtain their objectives and have a great time. You will get a lot of instruction in Spanish, and learn a lot about the Spanish culture. There will be classes in the morning, and excursions as well as social events, in the afternoon and evening.

Activities and Excursions

If you love water and water sports, then here are many activities to do. Here you can surf, swim, kite surf and everything that has to do with the sea. The beaches of Cadiz are not nearly as densely packed as elsewhere on the Costa del Sol. It is also possible to receive instruction in flamenco dance. During the week, all kinds of activities are arranged at the school, on the beach and in the city. You can do a bike ride through Cádiz, gymnastics on the beach, sightseeing, movie night or beach picnic.

There will be one full-day excursion per week, and in addition a half-day excursion. The school arranges day trips to places like Seville, Vejer de la Frontera, Sancti Petri Castle. The excursions are included in the price.

Supervision and Free Time

It is mandatory to participate in all classes, activities and excursions. All young people, regardless of age, must be home no later than 23.30 Sunday-Thursday and no later than 00.30 Friday and Saturday. Students staying with a host family would return home for dinner after activities and spend their evening with their host family. Under Spanish law, it is illegal to sell alcohol and cigarettes to young people under the age of 18, and both are prohibited on this program. The activities and classes are managed and supervised by the team at the language school and there is an emergency number for students to contact.


The teaching at the language school in Cadiz is of high quality and staff create the right framework for optimal language learning in small, international, level-divided classes. On the first day of your course, your Spanish level will be tested, and then you will be placed in the language class that best suits your level. This language tour includes  20 Spanish lessons of 50 minutes per week . Teaching usually takes place in the morning. There will be a maximum of 12 students in a class.

Note that all teaching takes place in Spanish and we therefore recommend that you know a little Spanish before departure.

Accommodation Options

You can choose to live in school accommodation or with a host family (age 13-17 only.)

School accomodation: You can choose to live in the Summer Residence which is situated in the heart of the city. It is close to the cathedral and only 10 minutes from Santa Maria del Mar beach. Students can choose single or twin private room with private bathroom and full board. The building combines the traditional – a beautiful Andalusian patio, with the modern, and ample study centre, well appointed kitchen and dining area and space to chill and have fun. N.B. School accommodation not available for Easter course and only from 4th July in the Summer.

Host Family: if you want a truly immersive program, then living with a host family is for you. All families are checked and inspected regularly. They offer  twin and triple rooms. Families will welcome the students home after their busy day and involve them in their daily life. Host families live within 20 minutes of the language school. Full board offered.

Program Inclusions
  • ​20 lessons per week of Spanish teaching.
  • Level test on arrival.
  • Accommodation at school accommodation in single or twin bed rooms.
  • Or host family accommodation in twin or triple room.
  • Full board.
  • Supervision and support.
  • Arrival on Sunday, departure on Sunday.
  • Full day excursion.
  • Full activity schedule.
  • 1 half day and 1 full day excursion included.
  • EASTER: Transfer to and from airport on standard arrival days (Seville).
  • SUMMER: Transfer to and from airport on standard arrival days between set times. (Malaga)
  • MyEducation service and support prior to departure and during program.

Easter, Host Family (twin) || 1 week: £1,055 || 2 weeks: £1,650

Summer, Host Family (twin) || 1 week: £880 || 2 weeks: £1,475 || 3 weeks: £2,035 || 4 weeks: £2,505 || 5 weeks: £3,095 ||

6 weeks: £3,690 ||

Summer, college (twin) || 1 week: £1,015 || 2 weeks: £1,685 || 3 weeks: £2,460 || 4 weeks: £3,050 || 5 weeks: £3,750 || 6 weeks: £4,455 ||

Summer, college (single) || 1 week: £1,060 || 2 weeks: £1,780 || 3 weeks: £2,605 || 4 weeks: £3,255 || 5 weeks: £3,950 || 6 weeks: £4,650

Key Facts

  • Population: approx 116,500 inhabitants
  • Language: Spanish
  • Fun fact: Cádiz is considered to be Europe’s oldest city still in existence.
  • MyEducation recommends: Visit Torre Tavira and enjoy the view.
  • What to eat in Cadiz: With its location next to the Atlantic Ocean, Cádiz is an excellent place to enjoy all the good things from the sea. At one of the city’s many small and cosy tapas bars, oysters are a must!

Cádiz – Spanish charm at its best

Cádiz is one of the most beautiful and cosy Spanish towns with a history that stretches back to the year 1,100 BC. Enjoy a walk through the elegant squares and streets of the city, enjoy the Spanish atmosphere and just relax. A real Spanish, unspoiled gem! Cádiz has an average temperature of 19 degrees and more than 3,100 hours of sunshine a year. These hours can be enjoyed with great advantage on Cádiz’s impressive 10 km long white sandy beaches, which are known as some of the most beautiful beaches in Spain. According to Spanish conditions, Cádiz is a small town with only 116,000 inhabitants, which creates a safe and secure atmosphere, and with almost everything within walking distance. Many other Spanish cities have been destroyed by mass tourism, but this gem is an exception.

If you want to experience real Spanish gastronomy, culture, Europe’s most beautiful sandy beaches, then Cádiz is the perfect place to go!

The language school

The language school is very close to the sea, which is very important for the people of Cádiz. The school has 13 fully equipped classrooms, self-study room and lounge, kitchen for use and is just a 5 minute walk from the beach. It also has a breath-taking terrace overlooking Cadiz. At the school itself, there is wi-fi, a study room and a language lab. The language school is part of an organization that has been a leader in the development of language teaching in Spanish in Spain for the past 25 years.

How to sign up for a trip to Cádiz

Complete our contact form and a staff member will be in touch to talk more about the program and to confirm the dates and fees for the trip. You can read more about Language Travel here and read our FAQs page to answer all of your questions. You should also read our Terms and Conditions for booking.

Book your Language Travel adventure in Cádiz today!