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​Travel with MyEducation (UK) language course for young people in the winter , summer or autumn holidays . You can choose from a wide range of exciting destinations for young people including:






Our language trips for young people

Are you dreaming of an exciting trip of a lifetime with language training of the highest quality? Then MyEducation Language Travel is the perfect choice for you. Our commitment has always been to offer language courses with the market's highest quality standards and service. With us you are much more than a number - we take the time to talk to you and your family - throughout the process. The most important thing for us is to give you a lifetime experience - combined with increasing your linguistic characteristics.

Our concept is to send young people on programs in an individual and independent manner, so that they can gain the most from the international and intercultural opportunity. We do not send large groups of English students together, because we believe that sending large groups allows participants to speak English in their spare time and therefore stifles learning the new language. We ensure that the common language of the country is spoken leading to the largest linguistic benefits.  As far as possible students will not be accommodated in a room with other English speaking students during their stay.  You will receive the best quality language training of university educated staff in international, levelled language classes and thereby have the best framework for rapid and effective language learning.

Language Schools - professional and recognised!

All our language schools are among the most recognised, and they all have a variety of national and international approvals and accreditations. MyEducation staff regularly vist the language schools to ensure that quality is top notch, and we work closely with management and staff in the various countries.

Teaching - international language classes at the right level

You will be taught by native teachers who are specially trained to teach foreign students. All teachers are highly motivated and skilled to make teaching lively and interesting for you and your classmates. The classes are small and the teaching is intensive so that you will notice the difference when you return back home.

On your first day of school you will be given a language test which will be used to assess your ability and ensure the staff are able to put you in the most appropriate class. This creates the perfect environment for you to get the most out of the teaching. In the unlikely event you should feel that you are placed in the wrong level, you can of course move one level up or down - after a conversation with your teacher.

Leisure time - a linguistic journey and fun activities

You will in no way be bored on your Language Travel experience with MyEducation. In addition to language lessons our programmes offer a wide range of exciting leisure activities in the afternoon, evenings and on weekends. Activities include sports, excursions to local attractions, sightseeing, karaoke, talent shows, movie nights, BBQs, discos and more. It gives you the perfect opportunity to be with young people from around the world - in a fun and entertaining way.

All activities are fully supervised by one of the school's carefully selected activity staff, and they take place in a relaxed and pleasant environment. All activities take place in the selected language which will help you to continue your learning during your stay. There is an overview of leisure activities in the different destination pages.

Field trips - lots of options for the weekend

In addition to the afternoon and evening activities the language schools offer several different excursions at the weekend. Often it will be to a big city, where there is the opportunity for sightseeing and shopping, or you may have a cultural trip to places further afield. 

Accommodation- college or host family

Accommodation varies from destination to destination, but common to all of the locations is that you will not be staying in the same room as other English speaking students. This is to minimise the risk of talking too much English during the language journey. There are two different types of accommodation: host family or college. Some schools offer only one or the other option, while others allow you to choose between the two.

College - staying with international students 24/7

The most popular lodgings for young people is in the college. Lodging at college is a great option because you get to be with your classmates all day, and it allows you to create friendships with students from all over the world. All meals are taken in the college dining hall, where the language school puts together a balanced diet. The vast majority of colleges are located on the same campus area as the language school, and it means you will not have to travel to and from the school.

Host family - a unique cultural experience

Accommodation with a host family has always been closely associated with language travel because it provides a unique cultural experience. If you choose this accommodation option, you give yourself the opportunity to experience the life, culture and atmosphere with a local host family. Often the host family hosts more than one student so you will not feel alone. You will not be staying with other English speaking students. At a host family you will often get served breakfast and dinner, and during mealtimes, there is ample opportunity to speak the local language. Please note that there will be travel time between the host family home and the language school.

Flights - a world of possibilities!

All prices of our language trips for young people have been calculated excluding the airfare. You are welcome to book your flights yourself, please do check with the airline as some (especially low-cost carriers) have strict age limits, and some of them require that you book the Unaccompanied Minor service (see more below). We have a travel agent we can put you in contact with if you would like help in booking your flight. 

Unaccompanied Minor service

Unaccompanied Minor or UM service is a service offered by both airlines and language schools, where you pay an extra fee for a dedicated person from the airline who follows the student from the check-in desk and throughout the journey to the destination airport, where a dedicated person from the language school will take them directly from there to the school. This service must be booked both with the airline for the booking of flights AND at the language school (through us). It is often up to parents whether they want to buy this service. However, some airlines require that booking UM service if the young person is under a certain age (eg. under 14 years). It is therefore important that parents research this with the purchase of the ticket. If booking the UM service with the airline you MUST also use the UM service through us / language school.

The journey to the destination

We do not send large groups of English students on the same course, which  means that we often have a lot of students who arrive on different flights to different airports and for various periods. 

On arrival at the international airport you will be picked up by the language school staff/ transfer company who will bring you safely to the college or host family. Security is top notch from the moment you land at the airport and are transported directly to the place where you will stay. 

On departure you will be brought back to the airport, and the staff will ensure that you get checked in and are guided to the security checkpoint.


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