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For Ages: 14 - 19
Language: Japanese
Host Family or Supervised Dormitory
03.07.23 - 29.07.23


Programs and Activities

Fukuoka marina

Fukuoka Experience

This program is best suited to a young person with a drive to explore and an ability to stand on their own two feet. The Language school will provide supervision and support, but students are expected to travel on public transport to the school and they will have free days to explore the local area. Fukuoka offers dormitory accommodation which offers support for students as they will travel to and from school and activities together. Participants must be willing to explore without adult support.

As a minimum language requirement, students must be able to read the Hiragana alphabet to participate. Complete beginners can start on July 3rd only. All students must complete an online language test at time of application to confirm which class they will be entered into.

✓ Minimum 2 weeks – maximum 4 week enrolment

✓Get the experience of a lifetime with young people from around the world.

✓ Experience the city of Fukuoka while learning Japanese.

✓ 20 lessons per week.

✓ Supervised Dormitory (breakfast and dinner, no meals on Sunday or national holidays)

✓ OR Host family accommodation, half board.

✓ See Japan’s fascinating traditions, culture and history.

Fukuoka temple visit

Activities and Excursions

This program offers students time to explore the area by themselves and join arranged activities. There will be 3 activities on Saturday, plus 3-4 activities during weekday afternoons. Examples of activities include (these activities are not guaranteed during your trip):

​✓ Trip to local ‘onsen’ (Hot springs)

✓ Japanese cooking class.

✓ Manga Drawing.

✓ Japanese paper making.

✓ Kimono wearing experience.

✓ Cherry blossom viewing party.

✓ Calligraphy class for beginners.

✓ Taiko Drumming.

Some optional cultural activities may incur an additional fee, which is paid while at the school.

Rules and Supervision

This program in Fukuoka is suitable for independent and responsible young people and who are not afraid to transport themselves around a city like Fukuoka. The individual host family sets rules and boundaries for participants, and it is expected that they eat dinner together. Students will be supervised on the arranged activities and excursions, but students are responsible for finding their way home to the host family when the day’s program is over. It is also normal for the host family to specify a specific time to be at home in the evening.

For a slightly less independent student, the supervised dormitory offers a group environment so students can travel to and from school together. Students are free to explore as they wish, but they will be surrounded by other students, which might make exploration and travel easier.


✓ Approx. 20 hours of Japanese lessons per week.

✓ International classes. Some classes will include adults, but students are always supervised.

✓ We recommend that you have some knowledge of the Japanese language.

✓ All teaching takes place in Japanese.

✓ Teaching materials are included.

✓ Level test.

✓ Course certificate.

Accommodation Options

✓ Stay with a local host family throughout your stay.

✓ Single room, shared bathroom. Possible option to share a room if travelling with a friend of same age/gender. Rooms are either Western style or Japanese style.

✓ Half board accommodation (breakfast and dinner).

✓ You will live between 30-70 minutes from the school by public transport.

✓ Host families often know a little English, but not much.


✓ Live in a supervised dormitory.

✓ Half board accommodation, no meals on Sunday or national holidays.

Program Inclusions

✓​ 20 lessons per week of Japanese teaching.

✓ Level test on arrival.

✓ Accommodation at a host family in a single room, shared bathroom.

✓ Half board, breakfast and dinner.

✓ Supervision and support.

✓ Return transfer service from / to Fukuoka airport, if arriving / departing within specified times and dates.

✓ Arrival Sunday and depart Sunday.

✓ Saturday cultural activities and afternoon activities.

✓ MyEducation service and support prior to departure and during program.

Summer in Fukuoka 2023 || Prices

Host Family 2 weeks: £1,420 || 3 weeks: £1,925 || 4 weeks: £2,455

Supervised Dormitory 2 weeks: £1,360 || 3 weeks: £1,850 || 4 weeks: £2,310

N.B. Some activities incur an additional cost of between 700 – 5,000 Yen (approx £5 – £32). This is paid directly to the school. 

Key Facts

  • Population: approx. 1.6 million people
  • Why choose Fukuoka: Fukuoka is the sixth largnest city in Japan and it is a centre for cuisine and entertainment. It has access to great beaches, a variety of nature and has a varied culture and is the historical centre of Kyushu. As the island is the gateway to the rest of Asia, it has a multicultural society and is very welcoming to tourists.
  • MyEducation recommends: Ohori Park and the Kushida Shrine.
  • What to eat in Fukuoka: Tonkotsu Hakata ramen (delicious pork based noodle broth), Motsunabe (beef or pork in testine hot pot), Japanese pastry from Traindor Hakata.


We recommend that you ensure that your vaccinations are up to date for travel to Japan. You can find up to date information here: Travel Health Pro.

Japan currently requires one of the following for entry regarding COVID status:

  • Proof of triple vaccination status using approved vaccine. Evidence must have specific information on it and be issued by the Government of the issuing country.
  • If not vaccinated, a PCR test is required within 72 hours before your flight.
  • Proof of having the virus is not sufficient to waive the entry requirements.

(Information correct January 2023)

How to sign up for a trip to Fukuoka

Complete our contact form and a staff member will be in touch to talk more about the program and to confirm the dates and fees for the trip. You can read more about Language Travel here and read our FAQs page to answer all of your questions. You should also read our Terms and Conditions for booking.

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