• Population : 380,000
  • Language : Spanish
  • Fun fact : Cusco's Inca's ancient capital, and everywhere in town you'll find evidence of Inca presence
  • MyEducation recommends : Cathedral of Cuzco, is a very impressive sight!
  • What to eat in Cusco : If you dare, is the national dish of Peru guinea pigs.

Cusco - Inca capital!

Types of programs offered in Cusco:

Peru, the captivating former centr of the Incan Empire, shares its borders with Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile and the Pacific. Its population of 25 million is a mixture of people with very different orgins: Europeans, Africans, Japanese and Chinese.

Spanish and Quechua are both official languages ​​in Peru, and the country consists of three distinct regions: the narrow Pacific coastal belt, the wide Andean mountain range and the Amazon rainforest. Another significant thing about Peru is that you find fascinating architectural ruins from the Nazca, Moche and Inca civilizations and the world-famous remains of Machu Picchu.

When you learn the Spanish language in Peru, you're sure to be captivated by an indescribable wealth of intriguing traditions and diversity in every sense. This destination is perfect for getting a taste of South America's different geographical and impressive landscapes. A language trip to Peru will be a memory you will have for life.

The former capital of the Inca Empire, Cusco, is a fantastic city for language travel.

Cusco is located in southeastern Peru with approximately 380,000 inhabitants. The city was the Inca capital, and it is believed that it was envisaged that the city's floor plan should look like a puma. The Spaniards arrived in the city in 1533 and it was then part of the large dominant Spanish Empire. The city is today a tourist magnet from people around the world, and year year receives more  than 2 million tourists. The beautiful and welcoming city has been on the UNESCO list since 1983 and is among the most visited places in Peru.

A language travel to Cusco will be the perfect solution for those who want a big city experience, combined with Inca's wonderful history and mystery!

The language school in Cusco

The language school is located in the quaint, historic downtown district surrounded by beautiful old buildings, shops and markets, The neighborhood where the language school is located, is a very lively neighborhood,  close to the Plaza de Armas, a popular meeting place in the center of town. It is a small language school with capacity for 60 students, so you will receive personal attention from an eager team of staff who will help you to get the best out of your language travel to Cusco.

The school is housed in a beautiful, antique 2-storey building with 17 classrooms, indoor courtyard, multimedia room, auditorium and more. The language school is one of the most recognized and reputable language schools market in Cusco, and it has a variety of international and national approvals.

The teaching takes place in small, international, leveled teams. Your level of Spanish, will be assessed on the first day, and you will then be placed in the language class that best suits your level. You will be taught by graduate teachers who are all passionate to teach. Our school receives students of all Spanish levels, from beginner to very advanced.


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