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  • Fun fact : Oaxaca is the historic home of the original Zapotecs- an older culture of Mexico.

  • MyEducation UK recommend : A visit to the city's majestic Catedral de Oaxaca, located on the town's main square Zocalo, and you will become captivated by the city's culture.

  • What to eat in Oaxaca : The area around Oaxaca is known for its cocoa production.So enjoy a cup of hot cocoa while watching this beautiful city.

​Oaxaca - Mexico's Most Beautiful Colonial Town

Types of program offered in Oaxaca:

The city of Oaxaca is located in the Oaxaca valley in the Sierra Madre del Sur Mountains and is surrounded by the states of Puebla, Veracruz, Chiapas and the Pacific Ocean to the southwest. Oaxaca is located about 500 km south of Mexico City, and the city can offer a wonderfully mild climate due to its special location on the entire 5,000 meters above sea level. Oaxaca is very rich in history and culture, and it is a fascinating destination where you can discover ancient civilizations, colonial art and architecture and many exciting cultural traditions. Oaxaca is one of the safest Mexican tourist destinations you can choose.

The city was founded back in the year 1529, but the area has been inhabited since prehistoric times. The town plan is very classic for a colonial town, with its Zocalo (main square), surrounded by the beautiful cathedral and public buildings. Many of the city's beautiful buildings dating from the colonial era in the 16th century but has now been exquisitely restored and now houses art galleries, museums, hotels and delicious eateries.

The city is the perfect destination if you want to experience true traditional Mexican ambiance and friendly people, and one of the most charming Mexican cities. The city has a great cultural and historical wealth, and especially due to the city's incomparable architecture, it is on UNESCO coveted list of World Heritage. Due to the membership, the city is obviously a very popular tourist destination in Mexico.

Many festivities are held year round, some that stands out are; Guelaguetza (day of the dead) and Noche de Rabanos (the night of radishes). The locals love to party and they use every opportunity to create partying in the streets.

In addition, the beautiful city known throughout Mexico for its wonderful cuisine with culinary specialties like mole, a lovely sauce made of chili and a host of other ingredients, the local cheese called quesillo, large tortillas called tlayudas and spicy fried grasshoppers known as Chapulines. If the lovely specialties are not for you, then it is recommended to try a traditional Mexican hot chocolate or mezcal, an alcoholic drink, like tequila that is made from the agave plant.

Many of the villages around the city specialise in various kinds of handicrafts, mainly made of ceramics, textiles, wood and tin. There is ample opportunity to purchase beautiful works of art in the city's shops and markets, or you can explore the small villages and gather inspiration on the many exciting workshops. 

So all in all - an extraordinary cuisine, unique crafts, fascinating archaeological sites, colonial architecture, quaint villages and the friendly local people with deeply rooted traditions all combine to make Oaxaca one of the most enchanting places to visit in Mexico - and a place you should not miss!

The Language School in Oaxaca

The language school in Oaxaca has a wonderful location in the heart of Oaxaca's beautiful city center, just two blocks from the old, famous monastery of Santo Domingo, and four blocks from the cozy town square with many exciting cafes, art galleries, museums and shops.

Language school is housed in a building in the local architectural style and offers good teaching facilities a great patio used for parties, salsa lessons and as a natural meeting place for language school international students during breaks. The school in Oaxaca is one of the most recognized and reputable private language schools in Mexico and has a variety of international and national approvals and recognition's.

Practical Information

​Some vaccinations are recommended before a trip to Mexico. Please visit a health professional 4 - 6 weeks prior to travel to see if you need any vaccination or other preventative measures. You may wish to visit the UK Government website for initial information​ here.

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