• Population : 13.5 million inhabitants in Tokyo alone!

  • Language : Japanese

  • Traditions in Tokyo : According to the ancient Japanese calendar spring begins on 4 February and 3 February is a day of preparing for the coming of spring. A family member dresses up as a devil, while the rest of the family throws dried soybeans against him / her and shout "Fuku wa uchi, oni wa soto" ( "Happiness inside, the devil outside").
  • MyEducation UK recommends : Visit one of the many small temples found in the city, and have tea in true Japanese style. However, make sure to comply with temples dress code.
  • What to eat in Tokyo : In Japan sushi is a must! Sushi restaurants are located throughout the city, and you will get no better than here!

​Tokyo - the city that has everything!

Types of programmes offered in Tokyo:

Tokyo is one of the most dynamic cities in the world. Tokyo is not just Japan's capital and the largest city in the country, but it is also the headquarters of the country's business, media, arts and entertainment industries.

Tokyo, including the suburbs, is the largest metropolitan area in the world with over 35 million people. This size is completely overwhelming and helps to create a hive of creativity and diversity. The city is a wonderful combination of serene sacred temples and the largest and most impressive skyscrapers - an impressive mixture of old and new.

Tokyo is an amazing city with many different areas, visitors can head slightly away from the business and shopping districts and turn straight into to quaint, local neighbourhoods. In these neighbourhoods, you can experience a completely different serene version of the capitalist city where grandmothers potter in the gardens, parents are following the children to school, young people cycle off in their own world and just enjoy living in the city. In Tokyo, you can choose the pace and lifestyle that suits you.

The language school in Tokyo

The language school in Tokyo has a wonderful central location in the area "Shinjuku" and offers international students from around the world a contemporary setting. The language school is one of the most recognised and reputable language schools in Japan, and it has membership of numerous international and national quality organisations. All teachers at the school are university graduates and specialise in teaching foreign students in their native language. It offers the best language tuition for all levels. The school receives international students from around the world, and offers the best language in the market for all levels.

Practical information

As some vaccinations are recommended before a trip to Japan. There is a guide on vaccination recommendations for your reference however, anyone travelling overseas should contact their local GP for details of the vaccinations necessary for their trip.

Program Info and Registration

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