• Population : Approximately 2.7 million inhabitants

  • Language : Italian

  • Fun fact : Rome was founded in 753 BC Romulus

  • MyEducation UK recommends : Stroll through the charming Trastevere district and grab a coffee on a small sidewalk cafe while enjoying city life.

  • What to eat in Rome : You will never get bored with the Roman cuisine. An authentic Pizza is a must​.

Rome - Where All Roads Lead!

Types of program offered in Rome:

Rome is the heart of one of the oldest civilizations in the world, the birthplace of many peoples and cultures. Hundreds of writers, poets and artists from many time periods and from different parts of the world have used the city's beauty, its colour, its art and its atmosphere to gather inspiration.

Rome is not only a city full of monuments, palaces and museums, it is also a modern city that offers an exciting atmosphere for the people who live there and the thousands of people who come to visit the city every year.

Rome has history, art, architecture, music, drama, colour, taste, life and magnificent surroundings.

Rome is also characterized by its inhabitants and since ancient times has been known for their hospitality, curiosity and the pleasure they have in meeting people with a different language and a different culture.

The Language School in Rome

The language school in Rome is one of the most recognized in Italy, since 1974 it has been approved by the Italian Ministry of Education for the education of foreigners. The school is located close to the charming historic centre of Rome, and it creates the best environment for a language stay in this amazing city. The language school is also recognized by many international organizations that guarantees teaching quality and excellence.

Booking Your Language Travel Adventure

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