• Population : 275,000 inhabitants

  • Language : German

  • Fun fact : Augsburg is located in the southern German Tourist Romantic Road.

  • MyEducation UK recommends : Cathedral of Augsburg is must.

  • What you eat in Augsburg : When in Germany you should try sauerkraut which is the country's national dish.​

​Augsburg - Southern Charm in the most Beautiful Setting

Types of program offered in Augsburg:

Augsburg is located in southern Germany, about 30 minute transport to Munich. The city has a population of around 275,000 people. Augsburg is the third largest city in Bavaria, and it has a charm that cannot be compared to anything else in Germany.

Life in Augsburg is very relaxed and in no way hectic, as you often can experience it in major cities. Everywhere in Augsburg you will find inviting fountains, people sat enjoy chatting in cafes, or students who play impromptu football matches in one of the city's many beautiful parks. Augsburg was the centre for architecture, music and art during the Renaissance. The famous painter Holbein and the composer Mozart lived in the city for periods of their lives.

Augsburg is simply the perfect destination for a language trip to Germany, if you want to experience the southern German charm, culture and hospitality.

The language school in Augsburg

​The language school in Augsburg is located in the beautiful city centre, which provides a central location for all students. The language school is among the most recognized and reputable in the Gemany, and they take great pride in providing the best education along with good facilities for the students.

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