• Population : 1.9 million inhabitants
  • Language : Spanish
  • Fun fact : Days length in Ecuador is the same year round. The sun rises at. 6 and goes down again 12 hours later.
  • Euro Study recommends : Visit the Parque Natural Metropolitano, which is Quito's largest park. It is as large as 530 football fields.
  • What you eat in Ecuador : National Court Cuy, which is grilled guinea pigs.

Quito - seductive and fascinating!

Ecuador's exciting capital, Quito, is surrounded by beautiful volcanoes and lies 2,850 meters above sea level and is the world's second highest capital city. This special location gives the capital a very special environment, and it is therefore called the "city of eternal spring".

Ecuador is a magical land where the experience covers everything from the lush jungle, the high mountain peaks, the fascinating indigenous peoples, and especially the unique and outstanding Galapagos islands.

The climate in the country is very diverse.  The southern coast often has a cool climate, with very little rain, and the northern coast is warmer, around 30 degrees all year round, and more rain than the south coast.

Quito is one of the most beautiful, richest and oldest cities in Latin America, and is simply a must for language travel students. The city has a rich history and historically has been occupied numerous peoples. Today, the historic city centre is famous worldwide, and with buildings dating back to colonial times, there is a completely unique atmosphere. The historic town came on UNESCO's World Heritage in the 1978.

The city is the perfect destination if you have a desire for a big city experience with historical touch!

The language school in Quito

The language school in Quito is located in the modern part of town, surrounded by countless parks, modern office buildings, beautiful apartments and historic buildings.

The language school is located in Batán Alto, one of the best and weathliest areas of the city. The district is located with a beautiful view over the valley and impressive mountains. The language school has 15 bright classrooms, an elevator, student lounge, and a lovely garden.

The language school is also one of the most recognized and reputable language schools in Quito and has a variety of international and national approvals 



As some vaccinations are recommended before a trip to Ecuador, we refer to the vaccination recommendations. Alternatively, please contact your local GP for information and advice. 

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