• Population : 2.2 million
  • Language : Spanish
  • Fun fact :  The world famous carnival in Havana is held in July every year. This shows the city at its most festive and most colorful element. The streets are filled with parades, traditional dances and festive costumes,  
  • MyEducation recommends : Havana's old town - Havana Vieja is certainly worth a visit, and is listed by  UNESCO's as a place to go to.
  • It must try in Havana : Havana is undoubtedly very well known for their rum and cigars, and an experience worth trying

Cuba - So Much More Than Cigars and Salsa!

The Republic of Cuba is located in the largest archipelago in the Caribbean region, and it measures the largest island about 1.250 km in length, and are home to approximately 11.3 million people in total. The Cuban poet Nicolas Guillén had this to say about Cuba: "It flows into the Caribbean Sea as a green, sleepy crocodile with eyes of water and rocks."

The fascinating landscape is hilly and with breathtaking beaches, historic towns and rustic villages where the traditional Cuban farmer "Guajiro" rides around on his horse, as if time has stopped. The Cuban population is very unique, and the country exudes  warmth and hospitality, as well as a strong sense of national pride and independence. Especially famous is the Cuban music, which sounds in the streets even late at night, and in which the Cubans clearly express their spontaneity and zest for life.


The Cuban capital is characterized by a mixture of grandeur and decay, and these two opposites are easy to spot on the street. At first glance the city radiates an atmosphere from the days when Spanish ships moored at the harbor, full of valuables from South America. Traces of contemporary wealth is still visible in the majestic mansions painted in pastel colors, nestled on elegant squares. Despite decades of totally lacking maintenance, Havana's charm has remained largely unchanged.

The most famous place in Havana is the famous boulevard "the Malecón" that stretches approximately 7 km along the coast. The boulevard starts near the Old Town La Havana Vieja, where picturesque and fascinating relic of the past particularly found. At the other end of the "Malecón" is the more modern and luxurious district of Vedado, where students from the language school housed.

The Language School

The language school is located in a beautiful building in the area called La Vibora, in the south of Havana. The language school has classrooms, a common room, library and a multimedia room. There is a general family atmosphere and language school educated and hospitable staff are ready to give you a lifetime experience for your language travel to Havana.

The first Monday you will arrive at the language school at. 8:15 to eat breakfast with the other students. At  9:00 your Spanish level will be tested, and then you will be placed in the class that matches your level.

Staff at the language school is very well known for their warmth and kindest, and they are happy to help book excursions, airfare and more. All language instructors are university educated, and they have a wide range of courses and approvals


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