• Population : 15 million inhabitants

  • ·​Language : Chinese

  • ·Fun fact : Shanghai means: At the top of the sea!
  • ·MyEducation recommends :: Enjoy the ultimate view from the spherical tower "Oriental Pearl TV Tower."

  • ·What you eat in Shanghai : Try the small delicate Dim Sum, served steamed, and with different fillings. They are often served in small steamed rice baskets, and are available in numerous variations.

​Shanghai - Oriental Pearl!

Types of programs offered in Shanghai:

Shanghai is one of the fastest growing cities in the world with around 15 million inhabitants. In the 1920s and 1930s, Shanghai was the most prosperous city in the East, and it was assigned names like "Paris of the East" and "Orient Queen". The city is a metropolis, and it has been a dominant destination in Asia in the industrial, transport and finance sectors in addition to education and research. The city's impressive buildings are juxtaposed in a mix of European style and traditional Chinese buildings, such as temples and palaces.

The development of modern city began after the Opium War ended, and in 1842 Shanghai opened for trade with the West. The Opium War was a brief conflict between Britain and China about free trade with the British reluctance. Shanghai then grew to become the city in China with the largest share of foreign trade.

Exotic, gigantic and with Eastern mysticism are a few words that describe Shanghai - a city developing rapidly with the clear message to the world: Shanghai is more powerful, higher and richer than any other city in the world.

Shanghai is divided into two districts - Pudang and Puxi. In the early 1990s Pudang was only rice fields, but today it is Shanghai's financial centre with an impressive amount of skyscrapers. Here you will find Asia's largest department store and one of the world's largest buildings. Jin Mao Tower, a giant aquarium 470 meters high and the world famous TV tower and the even higher skyscraper Shanghai World Financial Center. Huangpu River divides the two neighbourhoods, and on the opposite side of Pudang located downtown is Puxi. .Here you will find Zhongshan or "The Bund", which is a hypermarket and the place where the exclusive shops, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, international buildings and banks are located. The place still bears the stamp of European dominance that prevailed between 1842 and 1940. This provides absolutely fabulous and breath-taking panoramic views of the Huangpu River, where you can see Shanghai's new and impressive skyline with its overwhelming light show. Shanghai is a city with a vast array of sights and a city that must be seen and experienced - it's the atmosphere and crowds that make the difference.

The language school in Shanghai is housed in two different buildigs, and they are both located in the heart of Shanghai close to the metro stations.

Language Schools in Shanghai

Language School 1
This school is located on the famous PEOPLE Square, a stone's throw from the shopping street Nanjing. Here you will find plenty of shopping and restaurants and it is within walking distance to The Bund. The language school has 22 bright and spacious classrooms which creates the ideal opportunity for effective language learning. The school also has a lounge area, computers with Internet access, free wi-fi, café, TV and air conditioning.

Language School 2
The second language school in Shanghai is located in the western residential area, close to the accommodation. Here they have 12 bright and spacious classrooms, free wi-fi, PC lab, air conditioning and a lounge area.
The language school is also one of the most recognized and reputable language schools in Shanghai and is known for its high standard and commitment to teaching the Chinese language.

Practical Information

Some vaccinations are recommended before a trip to China. Please visit a health professional 4 - 6 weeks prior to travel to see if you need any vaccination or other preventative measures. You may wish to visit the UK Government website for initial information​ here.

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