Buenos Aires​​

  • Language : Spanish
  • Fun fact : There are 40,000 black and yellow taxis in Buenos Aires -  that is four times as many as in New York City!
  • MyEducation recommends : A visit to Recoleta Cemetery is well worth a visit, or let yourself be drawn from the atmosphere and tango rhythms in the district of San Telmo.
  • What to eat in Buenos Aires : Argentina is known for their great steaks in small sidewalk restaurants.

Buenos Aires - An Unforgettable Adventure!

​Types of programs offered in Buenos Aires:

Buenos Aires boasts European sophistication with true South American charm. There are few cities in the world that has so much to offer as Buenos Aires. This beautiful city offers numerous cafes, colourful neighbourhoods and an active nightlife, ensuring many weeks or even months of fun while learning and practicing Spanish!

Buenos Aires is Argentina's capital and the country's economic heart, and thus the country's main commercial and industrial centre. With approximately 13 million inhabitants, it is South America's trendsetter in fashion, street art and nightlife. A cosmopolitan city that never sleeps!

Argentina's capital city is often called the Paris of South America because of its beautiful architecture and picturesque streets, and is famous for its restaurants, theatres, tango shows and many other attractions. 

Why not stroll along the Avenida de Julio? A 140-metre-wide boulevard with 9 lanes in each direction, and regarded as the world's widest boulevard. Stay at Calle Corrientes, an intersecting street bustling with life. Here you will find small bookstores that stay open until midnight, Italian restaurants, and during the rush hour traffic the boulevard is an unforgettable sight. 

Winding mazes, fashionable statues, an impressive snow-white marble necropolis is what the eye captures when you enter the Buenos Aires largest and most prestigious cemetery, or more specifically an entire town. Here is where the Buenos Aires wealthy upper class are buried, including former presidents and boxing legends like Angel Fipo, and if you follow the flow of tourists, you will find Eva Peron - Evita's grave. 

Another of the city's distinctive neighbourhoods is La Boca, famous for its unique rainbow-colored houses, and where local artists display their art on the street. This region is also home Argentina's biggest passion -  football,  and country's most popular and traditional football club "Boca Juniors".

Buenos Aires is perhaps best known for its tango, so a visit to the district of San Telmo is a sure winner to experience passionate tango dancers or better yet, try dancing a few steps yourself! If you decide to dance or walk you will experience the beautiful neighbourhoods in Buenos Aires with many historic buildings.

The Language School in Buenos Aires

The language school is centrally located close to the major tourist attractions. Transportation to and from school is very easy since all metro lines have a stop 5 minutes from the school. The school is located in the Palacio San Miguel, on the corner of Bartolomé and Suipacha, close to the National Congress.

The school has 19 large and bright classrooms, a computer room with free WI-FI, a multimedia room, a cafeteria, balcony and terrace. There is a maximum of 8 students in each class.​

Practical Information

Some vaccinations are recommended before a trip to Argentina. Please visit a health professional 4 - 6 weeks prior to travel to see if you need any vaccination or other preventative measures.  You may wish to visit the UK Government website for initial information here.

Booking Your Language Travel Adventure

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