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For Ages: 16+
Language: Italian
Host Family / Shared apartment
Departures almost every week

Adult Language Travel Rome

The Language School

The language school in Rome is a highly regarded in Italy, since 1974 it has been approved by the Italian Ministry of Education for the education of foreigners. The school is located close to the charming historic city centre, offering students the wonderful city vibe for a language stay in this amazing city. The language school is also recognised by many international organisations that guarantees teaching quality and excellence.

The school offers a wide range of services to make your stay as comfortable as possible. You may choose to be met at Rome airport by a professional staff member and be escorted to your accommodation. This service can be requested upon booking. The school 0ffers two types of accommodation to meet your requirements: Host Family or Shared Flat. All accommodation is inspected by a school accommodation officer and is of good quality.

The school offers students help and support throughout their stay and staff are always ready to help. There is are leisure areas and a cafeteria where you can grab a drink, snack or lunch before or after classes and socialise with the other students. The relaxed international atmosphere makes it an enjoyable space to make friends, have fun, relax or practice your Italian! You can also relax on one of the two big terraces in the garden, read a book or play table games…or even have play of the piano which is available for students to use!

Accommodation Options

The language school in Rome offers two accommodation options for students:

  • Shared Flat (single, self-catering) – Students share the flat with other students from the school. Shared flats can host from 2 to 6 students and share the kitchen and bathroom. Accommodation is carefully selected, are centrally located and easily reached in approx. 30 minutes by public transport.
  • Host Family: Students live with local families. Host families can be ‘traditional’ families, a single parent, and elderly or a single person and can host from 1 to 4 students. The kitchen and bathroom are shared. Single room. You choose if you want self catering or with breakfast or half- board.

Note: Some accommodation may require a €3.5 daily fee for first 10 days which is paid directly to the host/accommodation provider. Pricing can be provided for all accommodation options if not shown below.




The school offers support to the students throughout their stay and are always ready to help. All services and activities offered by the school, from teaching to leisure activities or accommodation, are aimed at the well-being of every student. To ensure quality of service, they are constantly monitored and inspected by international organisations.

The teachers at the school are highly qualified and dedicated and will make your experience a truly fun and enjoyable one. To ensure all your needs are met both inside and outside the classroom, they will cater for all your needs, providing you with a rich and varied social programme and finding your comfortable and clean accommodation so you can enjoy your stay in Rome and discover all that this wonderful city has to offer!


Courses offered:

General Italian

  • Group courses:
    • Online group and individual classes – 5/10/20 lessons per week
    • Intensive group courses – 15/20/25/30 lessons per week
    • Small group non-intensive – 5 lessons per week
  • Individual courses – 3 or more lessons per week
  • Combined courses – 20 lessons (group) + 6 lessons (individual) per week/20 lessons (group) + 10 lessons per week
  • Academic Programmes
    • Marco Polo and Turandot Projects
    • Academic Year
    • Academic Semester
    • Preparatory Course for Italian Universities
  • Italian + Art and Culture online
  • Italian through Art and Culture
  • Italian + Taste of Italian Culture
  • Rome for 30-40 and 50 Year-Olds
  • Business Italian
  • Italian for Law
  • CILS or CELI Exam Preparation
  • Internship Programme
  • Rome + Sea-Side in Tuscany

✓ Approx. 20 hours of Italian lessons per week.

✓ International classes.

✓ We recommend that you have some knowledge of the Italian language.

✓ All teaching takes place in Italian.

✓ Level test.

✓ Course certificate.

Program Inclusions

✓​ Chosen number of lessons per week of Italian teaching.

✓ Accommodation is optional, but prices are quoted with accommodation.

✓ Host family or shared flat accommodation.

✓ Self catering, breakfast or half board accommodation options.

✓ Supervision and support.

✓ MyEducation service and support prior to departure and during program.


✓ Airport transfer on arrival.

✓ Additional classes and courses.

✓ Course materials.

✓ Assistance with flight booking and insurance.

20 lessons + host family + half-board || 2 weeks: £1,062 || 3 weeks: £1,680 || 4 weeks: £1,856|| 8 weeks: £3,499 || 12 weeks: £4,822

25 lessons + host family + half-board || 2 weeks: £1,205 || 3 weeks: £1,680 || 4 weeks: £2,145 || 8 weeks: £4,045 || 12 weeks: £5,925

  20 lessons + shared flat + self-catering || 2 weeks: £840 || 3 weeks: £1,150 || 4 weeks: £1,400 || 8 weeks: £2,570 || 12 weeks: £3,515

  25 lessons + shared flat + self-catering || 2 weeks: £980 || 3 weeks: £1,365 || 4 weeks: £1,690 || 8 weeks: £3,115 || 12 weeks: £4,500

Key Facts: Italy

  • Population: approx. 58,9 million
  • Language: Italian
  • Fun fact about Italy: Tourists throw 1 million euros into the Trevi Fountain in Rome each year…that is 3,000 euros every day! Every penny is donated to charity!

Key Facts: Rome

  • Population: Approx. 4.3 million
  • Why choose Rome: Rome is a vibrant city mixing tradition with modern life, offering visitors an abundance of architectural gems to visit, from palaces to fountains and for the visitor more interested in the local cuisine, there is a vast array of cafes and restaurants to choose from.
  • MyEducation recommends: Stroll through the charming Trastevere district and grab a coffee on a small sidewalk cafe while enjoying city life.
  • What to eat in Rome: You will never get bored with the Roman cuisine. An authentic Pizza is a must​.


  • Visas: If you are travelling on a UK visa, for programs up to 90 days in length, no visa is required for entry although border authorities may ask you to show documentation that justifies duration and reasons for your stay in Italy. For programs over 90 days, a visa is required. The language school will provide you with the necessary sponsorship documents to apply for the visa. Applications must be lodged at the Consulate in London or Edinburgh. The visa fee is 50 Euros (correct Nov. 2021).
  • Flights: MyEducation will confirm your arrival airports and dates. You can choose to book your own flight to Italy. MyEducation can also book the flight for you through our partner travel agency. You will pay the fee for the flight to MyEducation at the time that the booking is made. Full payment required for the flight to be secured.
  • Vaccinations: We recommend that you ensure that your vaccinations are up to date for travel to Italy. You can find up to date information here: Travel Health Pro.
  • Insurance: All students require insurance for their trip. Insurance should cover at the lowest level: belongings, travel, personal liability and medical expenses. MyEducation can provide insurance on a monthly basis. Please speak with staff if you want details
  • Arrival Transfer: Meeting on arrival at the airport is not included in the fee for the program. If you require a transfer, MyEducation can confirm a fee for the service and the details of how it is managed.
  • Emergency Support: The language school and MyEducation have an emergency number that can be contacted 24/7 for students on a program. This is for emergency situations that need urgent attention.
  • Bank fees and accommodation deposit: Accommodation deposits are included in the fees charged by MyEducation.

How to sign up for a trip to Rome

Complete a booking form today to sign up for your Language Travel adventure or complete our contact form and a staff member will be in touch to talk more about the program and to confirm the dates and fees for the trip. You can read more about Language Travel here and read our FAQs page to answer all of your questions. You should also read our Terms and Conditions for booking.

Book your Language Travel adventure in Rome today!