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For Ages: 16+
Language: French
Host Family / Student Residence
Departures every week

Adult Language Travel Montpellier

The Language School

The language school in Montpellier is located on one of the city’s most exclusive addresses on the Grand Rue Jean Moulin, in the heart of Montpellier’s historic city centre. The beautiful street is pedestrianized and filled with many small shops, gourmet eateries and typical French cafes. The language school is located directly opposite the impressive Chamber of Commerce.

The language school is in a beautiful building originally built as a private stylish mansion back in the 18th century. The beautiful building is often seen in books about Montpellier showing its magnificent entrance in one of the city’s finest buildings. The language school has modern teaching facilities behind the antique exterior, with bright and welcoming air-conditioned classrooms, computers, wireless Internet access, recreation areas and more.

The school’s central location is only a few steps from the sunny terraces of “place de la Comédie “, the main square of Montpellier and its fascinating opera house.

The language school in Montpellier is also one of the most recognised and reputable language schools in France, boasting a variety of international and national accolades. It welcomes international students from around the world throughout the year.


Accommodation Options

The language school in Antibes offers various accommodation options for students:

  • Host Family: This is an ideal option for students who would like to be fully immersed into French daily life and culture. You will have the opportunity to share meals with your family and practice French. Host family accommodation is available as B&B, half-board (breakfast & dinner) or self-catering. From 16 yrs old
  • Student Residence: This option offers the student a great level of independence and the opportunity to live and socialise and relax with other students.  The student residence offers fully-equipped studios with a bathroom and kitchenette. It also has a laundry, study room, breakfast room and terrace at your disposal. They are located less than 20 minutes away from the school.
  • Shared Flat: This is a good option if you want to be with other students but have more space than the student residence. You will have single rooms with shared common rooms, bathroom and kitchen.
  • Private Apartment: This option is ideal if you want to be independent. The three options are:
    • Studio (1 or 2 people)
    • Studio City Centre (1 or 2 people)
    • 1 bedroom apartment (1 to 4 people)
  • Apart-Hotel Studio: A perfect solution for travellers with family and friends. Studios or 2-room suites are located in the city centre and 15 minutes by foot or tram from the school. The studios are equipped with a kitchenette and bathroom and benefits from a traditional hotel service: 24 hour reception seven days a week and a cleaning service according to the length of your stay. Studios vary from 1-4 people.

Note: Prices on the website are for Host family and Shared Flat only. Please contact us for prices for other accommodation options.


To find out the full visa application process, please click here


The language school in Montpellier has a team of highly trained and experienced teachers who follow training courses throughout their career to ensure the highest level of excellency. All teachers are recruited for their creativity, competence and enthusiastic approach to teaching, offering stimulating and fun lessons to their students.

In order to assess the student’s level of French, they complete an online written test prior to arrival an an oral test upon arrival. This allows the teachers to allocate them a class at the appropriate level. From the first day of the course to the last day, the school ensures that the needs and expectations of the students are met so they have an enjoyable stay.

The school team is also committed to helping students learn about French culture and regional heritage in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The team is also on hand to meet the everyday needs of the student and will do what they can to help them settle into life in France.


Courses offered:

  • General French courses:
    • Standard: 22 lessons
    • Intensive: 28 lessons
    • Intensive Plus: 32 lessons
    • Combined: 26 lessons
    • Combined Plus: 28 lessons
    • Afternoon classes: 6 lessons
  • Exam Preparation Courses
    • Standard Course – 22 lessons plus:
      • DELF/DALF: 6 group lessons per week
      • DFP: 6 one-to-one lessons per week
      • A Level: 6 group lessons per week
      • Leaving Certificate: 6 group lessons per week
      • Transition Year: 6 group lessons per week
  • One-to-One lessons
  • Two-to one lessons
  • French and Cooking course: 1, 2 and 3 weeks
  • Linguistic tour: 2, 4 and 8 weeks
  • Long stay courses for adults:
    • TEF Certificate Training: from 24 weeks
    • DELF/DALF Certificate Training: from 24 weeks
  • Special Campus – Summer: 3 July – 27 August
    • Intensive (28 lessons) + Student residence + Cultural Activities

✓ Each lesson = 45 minutes.

✓ International classes.

✓ Beginners to advanced

✓ All teaching takes place in French

Program Inclusions

✓​ Chosen number of lessons per week of French teaching.

✓  Accommodation is optional, but prices are quoted with accommodation.

✓ Host family, student residence, shared & private apartment or apart-hotel.

✓ Airport return trip included with Montpellier arrival if living with a host family.

✓ Self catering, breakfast or half board accommodation options.

✓ All levels from beginners to advanced.

✓ Unlimited access to e-learning platform

✓ Roadbook

✓ Written and oral level test.

✓ Certificate of completion

✓ Maximum of 12 students per class

✓ Supervision and support.

✓ MyEducation service and support prior to departure and during program.


✓ Airport transfer on arrival (unless living with host family).

✓ Additional classes and courses.

✓ Textbook and study materials

✓ Assistance with flight booking and insurance.

22 lessons + host family + half board || 2 weeks: £940 || 3 weeks: £1,395|| 4 weeks: £1,815|| 8 weeks: £3,305 || 

28 lessons + host family + half board || 2 weeks: £1,110 || 3 weeks: £1,655 || 4 weeks: £2,160 || 8 weeks: £3,960 || 

22 lessons + shared flat, self catering || 2 weeks: £820 || 3 weeks: £1,220|| 4 weeks: £1,580 || 8 weeks: £2,850|| 

28 lessons + shared flat, self catering || 2 weeks: £995 || 3 weeks: £1,480|| 4 weeks: £1,925 || 8 weeks: £3,505 ||


Key Facts: France

  • Population: approx. 65,5 million
  • Language: French
  • Fun fact about France: France had a king that lasted only 20 minutes! Louis XIX abdicated from the throne after 20 minutes making it one of the shortest reigns of a monarch ever!

Key Facts: Montpellier

  • Population: approx. 468,000
  • Why choose Montpellier: Montpellier overlooks the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, with its long sandy beaches and lagoons with huge gatherings of the wild pink flamingos. Thanks to the excellent location between Provence, the Camargue, the Cevennes mountains and the Pyrenees, Montpellier is the perfect starting point for an exciting excursion. It is a bustling historical city with a modern edge with an abundance of cafes and restaurants to choose from, beautiful architecture and a vibrant arts culture
  • MyEducation recommends: Visit the St Pierre Cathedral. Founded in 1364, this imposing Gothic cathedral is centrally located making it ideal for a visit followed by a walk through cobble streets of the city centre.
  • What to eat in Montpellier: Cassoulet. The region is known for its cassoulet, the classic French stew. It is eaten more in winter so you may want to try the poplular salmon or seafood stews in the warmer months.


  • Visas: If you are travelling on a UK passport, for programs up to 90 days in length, no visa is required for entry. For programs over 90 days, a visa is required. The language school will provide you with the necessary sponsorship documents to apply for the visa.  
  • To find out visa requirements click here
  • Flights: MyEducation will confirm your arrival airports and dates. You can choose to book your own flight to France. MyEducation can also book the flight for you through our partner travel agency. You will pay the fee for the flight to MyEducation at the time that the booking is made. Full payment required for the flight to be secured.
  • Vaccinations: We recommend that you ensure that your vaccinations are up to date for travel to France. You can find up to date information here: Travel Health Pro.
  • Insurance: All students require insurance for their trip. Insurance should cover at the lowest level: belongings, travel, personal liability and medical expenses. MyEducation can provide insurance on a monthly basis. Please speak with staff if you want details
  • Arrival Transfer: meeting on arrival at the airport is not included in the fee for the program. If you require a transfer, MyEducation can confirm a fee for the service and the details of how it is managed.
  • Emergency Support: The language school and MyEducation have an emergency number that can be contacted 24/7 for students on a program. This is for emergency situations that need urgent attention.
  • Bank fees and accommodation deposit: 

How to sign up for a trip to Montpellier

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