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Language Travel: Where in the world will you go?

MyEducation Language Travel offers a variety of destinations for young people to learn a language. Discover a new country and a new language with people of your own age from across the world.

About MyEducation

**Although COVID vaccines are not mandated by most of our language school partners, it is recommended that participants of all ages are vaccinated against COVID-19. This may help to avoid periods of self-isolation or an inability to travel due to new restrictions. Please contact the team to find out about requirements for a destination if you are not vaccinated against COVID-19. ***

Welcome to MyEducation Language Travel

Why go on a language journey?

  • Get intensive language teaching in an exciting, fun and diverse environment.
  • Travel and see new parts of the world with the support of a program and organisation.
  • Improve your language skills in a short time by immersing yourself in the language.
  • Meet friends from all over the world and have new life experiences.
  • Go on excursions and join in with new activities each day.
  • Have one of the most memorable holiday experiences of your young life.

Why travel with MyEducation?

  • Join a language program especially designed for teenagers and school students.
  • Travel across the world with the support of a UK and overseas organisation.
  • We work with language schools where the quality of teaching is paramount and staff and local and friendly.
  • We offer short and longer term programs for you to enjoy your school holidays as you wish to.
  • We will arrange your enrolment and share all details about the program with you, so all you have to do is pack.
  • Friendly staff at the MyEducation office will ensure you are ready for your experience.

Are you ready to make your holiday extraordinary?

Hi! We are MyEducation Language Travel

…and our mission is to turn dreams into reality. If you have a passion for languages and want to make your Easter or Summer holiday extraordinary, MyEducation can make this possible. We offer life-changing language programs for students aged 10-18 and work with specially selected schools across the world. Take a language trip with MyEducation to grasp the opportunity to learn a language in a safe environment and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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