What is a Language Travel Experience?

Have you ever wanted to explore a new part of the world while learning the language and living like a local? With a MyEducation Language Travel course you can call a town like Berlin, Tokyo or Buenos Aires a second home. Whether you are 14 or 70, MyEducation has the language course for you.

There are many types of language experiences available and you can choose the course that works for you based on the language school, your age, destination, city and desired travel time. Prices also vary from place to place. However, we can describe some general characteristics that apply to most language travel which can help to give you an overall impression of what to expect.

What is a language course?

The language course is, of course, the key element in a language travel experience. Travellers have different motivations to leave, but common to them all is that they must have a desire to improve their language skills in one way or another. For some they may choose to travel to experience and explore a new destination and enjoy a different type of holiday away from life at home.

A standard language course includes 20 lessons per week, 4 lessons a day. Class lengths and group size vary from school to school. On arrival you will be level-tested to ensure that you are enrolled at the right level. However, throughout the programme your level can of course progress as your language skills improve.

If you only have a short time to learn the language, we recommend an intensive language course with up to 30 lessons a week. You might have up to 6 lessons a week, but still have time to participate in cultural activities with other students. There are also many school that offer combination course with standard group lessons and daily private lessons.

On some courses the teachers engage in both the teaching and cultural activities, while the larger schools have a separate staff to manage the extra curricular time. ​

Whatever option you consider, you can find information within these pages or staff in the office will also be able to guide you to a tailor made programme for your needs.

Why are language courses a good way to travel?

A language course can set the framework for a holiday. You can decide how much or how little you involve yourself in the school and the life that surrounds it, but if you want there will always be entertainment and friendship available. ​

After completing your classes you can choose to participate in included or additional group activities, or alternatively you can just choose to explore the local area with a friend from your class or by yourself. You don't have to plan anything as there will always be options available to you and staff at the school can offer advice and guidance on the best places to visit.

You can travel together with colleagues, as parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, as a couple or as an individual. If you are single and want to travel and meet new people, then a language course is an obvious choice, becuase you are never alone.

We also sell language courses for customers aged 50 and over, who have an appetite to explore the world and learn more. By following a course for this age group, you know that you will learn with other people of a similar mindset and life experience. We have heard of students enrolling at the age of 92, so it's never too late to sign up! We have tailor made courses for those who are 50+ and want to learn with people of the same age, or if you want to learn with people of all ages, you can sign up for a standard adult language course. 


Accommodation options vary from location to location and school to school, but most places offer a college residence and accommodation with host families. In addition, there are also some schools that have shared apartments, studios, hotels, hostels, and much more.

At a host family home or a college residence, breakfast will usually be included, while apartments are often self-catering. There are many options to choose from but the choices are visible on the school information webpage so that you can make an informed decision about that to choose.

​Activities and Excursions

​A variety of programs are available at each school that we work with. Whether you want a guided tour of a city or the chance to sail in the ocean or make local cuisine or taste local beverages, we have something for you.

On youth programs (Young and Go!) and on the 50+ programs a full schedule of events and activities are offered in the price. A variety of options will be available for the afternoon, evenings and weekends.

In the general adult programs, activities and excursions are not included in the price, but participants can purchase these after arrival. Weekly activities are often displayed in the school reception and you can choose the ones that suit you best.


A price of the flight is not included in any of the prices listed on the website. We have chosen to offer you the freedom to pick the airline and flight times that you prefer. However, if you want a flight from us, please indicate this on the Registration form and we will be very happy to arrange your flight as well.


We hope to make your travel as easy as possible, so to help with this, the language school can offer a transfer from the airport or train station for an additional fee.

On youth programs, (Young and Go!) and 50+ programs the transfer is included in the program fee. This means that staff will meet you at the airport and take you to the accommodation and return you at the end of your trip. Please note that arrival must be within a certain time frame for the transfer to not result in a surcharge.

In the general adult programs the transfer service can be purchased and should be chosen at the time of registration and indicated on the form.

Why buy a language course from MyEducation?

  • In order to improve their language skills in an environment with local people speaking their own language
  • To become better at talking to business contacts in Spanish/German/French/Chinese etc.
  • To seek a holiday with a different focus, where you can learn a skill and have a framework for your trip set up for you.
  • In order to learn more about a particular culture, town or country.
  • To receive full and proper advice about the programs on offer from trained MyEducation staff.
  • MyEducation will do the hard work for you so you can relax and prepare for your trip.
  • To become more fluent in speaking a language in preparation for an exam.
  • To meet people of a similar mindset who you can share a holiday period with and make new friends.


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