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Thank you very much for considering the possibility of hosting an exchange student through MyEducation at your school. Without the support of British schools we would not be able to run our programmes and offer an incredible learning opportunity to young people from around the world who dream of coming to the UK to live like a local and attend a high school. Our students are eager to learn and are extremely grateful for the chance to travel to the UK and experience our way of life.

MyEducation knows that teachers and administrative staff are busy people, so we work to keep the enrolment process as simple and easy as possible. Through careful management of our programmes we aim to be able to answer any questions that you have about our students, host families and programmes.

We thank you for taking the time to read this page and learn more about our students.

It might help you to know:

  • All of our applicants and their parents are carefully screened and prepared for the exchange programme. Each applicant is interviewed in person by a staff member in their home country and must complete a full application, including school references, school transcripts, medical certificate and a personal letter in order to be accepted onto the programme. Our interviews are extensive and applicants are asked about their motivations, expectations and aims for the programme. They also complete a section of the interview in English to allow staff to assess their ability.
  • We work only with long established and trusted partner organisations in the countries where our students come from
  • Prior to departure students attend a pre-departure orientation where the rules and details of the programme are covered at length. A similar orientation is completed after arrival to ensure that students understand the opportunity that is ahead of them and what is expected of them by their host family, Area Representative and school.
  • All students are placed with a local family and have the support of a local Area Representative as well as the support of staff in the MyEducation office. Host families are mainly volunteers but are reimbursed a modest amount each month in order to cover the costs that they might incur from having an additional person in their home.
  • All of our host families are interviewed in person in their home in order to assess their suitability for hosting. The adult members of the home also completed DBS checks and reference checks before they are approved.
  • Many of our host families have hosted for several years with MyEducation or with other organisations and greatly value the opportunity to welcome a young person into their home.
  • School places for EU students are fully funded when they stay for an academic year. MyEducation will try to share as much information with you about funding but advice can also be sought through the Education Funding Agency (EFA).
  • Our students are aged between 16 and 18 and hope to be enrolled in Year 12 or Fifth or Sixth Year at a school but are aware that no guarantees can be made in regards to what subjects they may study at the school.
  • Our students continually prove that they are driven and capable and work hard while placed in a British school. They appreciate the opportunity that is being given to them and hope to show their appreciation through their commitment to their school life.
  • In our global community the opportunity to learn English and live in the UK is becoming more valuable to young people. Many of our students hope to return to the UK and attend a university once they have completed their exchange programme.

We thank you for taking the time to read this information. If you have any further questions please contact the office on or 02380 970 924.


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