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In September 2016 and January 2017 we have students aged 16-18 arriving from a variety of countries. Our students have a wide range of interests, hobbies and aims for their exchange experience. If you think you could offer a home to one of our students then please online enquiry form to receive a more detailed profile and information on how to become a host family.

Below are some examples of students who have come to the UK in the past. In order to see current profiles please contact the office.​

 Allyson from the USA – 5 month program

Ally is 17 years old and lives in Maine, USA. She enjoys tumbling, Newspaper club, and her fish named bubbles. She is very interested in photography. Allyson is eager to come to the United Kingdom and meet her new host family.

 Gioia from Italy – 10 month program

Gioia is 17 years old and is described as an active, enthusiastic, intelligent individual. Gioia likes to ask for help and advice in all the decisions she makes in her life. She enjoys her role as class tutor and dances with a hip hop crew. She is from a small town, where everyone knows one another. She is an animal lover and enjoys her role volunteering at her local shelter. After she finishes school she would like to study to become a nursery teacher, as well as a dance and fitness instructor in her spare time.

  Guido from Italy – 10 month program

Guido will be 17 when he arrives in the United Kingdom. He loves music and reading, especially Harry Potter. He enjoys swimming and volleyball. He attends a language school in Italy where he focuses on French, German and English. Guido is eager to learn more about the culture here in the United Kingdom. He describes himself as open-minded.

 Fernanda from Brazil – 5 month program​

Fernanda will be 17 when she arrives in the United Kingdom. She enjoys drama, reading, writing stories, cinema, photography and cooking. She loves traveling to new and unusual places. She is eager to arrive in the United Kingdom as it has always been her dream to see the world as a local.

 Samantha from the USA – 5 month program

Samantha will turn 17 in the October of her exchange and is from Ohio. Samantha likes fine arts, particularly painting with watercolour and acrylics. She also participates in community drama groups and is often in shows. Samantha is also very involved in her church. Her family have hosted previously and she is excited to come to the UK.

 Natsuki from Japan – 4.5 month program

Natsuki is 16 years old and is from Japan. Last summer is traveled to Australia for a three-month English programme. Natsuki is eager to share a traditional Japanese tea ceremony with her host family. She loves to travel and values kindness in herself and others. She has a close relationship with her two siblings, enjoys being with her friends and reading.

  Amelie from Canada – 5 month program

​Amelie will have just turned 17 as she arrives in the UK and she is from the a very small town in the Quebec area of Canada. Amelie has worked in a cinema for 18 months and enjoys meeting people and taking on important tasks in her work. She has been a swimmer for nine years and enjoys it greatly. She also regularly volunteers at events with her parents. She describes herself as sociable and extroverted.

If you would like to host one of these students or learn more about them please online enquiry form.


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