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Who can host an exchange student?

Our host families come from all backgrounds and are all shapes and sizes. We do not discriminate in terms of religion, ethnicity, sexuality or race. Host families do not have to have children of their own in the home. Our families may have one or several children, they may be single-parent families, or they may be older parents with no children in the home.

What we ask of our families, whatever form they may take, is that they offer a warm and caring environment for the students. They should take an active interest in welcoming the student into their lives and making them part of their family unit. Host families must live within a reasonable distance of a state high school/college that will enrol an exchange student.

Will my student speak English?

Many of our students have chosen to complete an exchange in the UK to improve their English language skills; others are native English speakers. All students who have English as a second language have taken part in language tuition and will have more than a basic understanding of the language. Communication may be challenging at first as the students get used to being immersed in the language (and the unfamiliar accents.)

It is important to encourage the students to speak in English with you and support them as they improve their levels of understanding. Please be aware that students will be very tired at the end of a day of concentrating on their communication and understanding at school, especially when also recovering from jetlag.​

Where will the students come from and how long do they stay?

Our students come from different countries and we can offer a variety of cultures for you to meet. Our students come from Denmark, Norway, USA, France, Italy, Mexico, Canada and other destinations.

What roles and responsibilities will we have as a host family?

The host family provides a safe and caring home environment for the duration of an exchange student’s stay. Families must be able to provide the student with a room, bed, study area and storage space for their belongings. We ask that you provide the student with all meals and snacks while in your home. A packed lunch for school days should be available for the students - but they can make it themselves if you prefer.

All of our students have insurance for their health and personal belongings but we also recommend that you inform your home insurance provider that you are hosting a foreign student. EU students have access to the UK health system through the agreements that are in place. The welfare of our students rests with My Education UK and this is boosted with the support of your local representative. As their host family we ask that you monitor their health and education and report to us if there are any irregularities.

As part of your family home your student should abide by your rules and is expected to help in the home with chores. You decide the rules that are in place in your home.

​Where will my student attend school?

Our students are between the ages of 16 and 18 so will attend either Year 12 or Year 13. They are able to attend a state high school or Sixth Form College. It is important that you live within a reasonable distance of the school so that students can easily commute on foot, by bike, by train or by bus.

My Education UK will enrol the student so you do not need to contact the school to initiate this process. It is possible that the school may ask to meet with you if you are not known to them but your involvement will be minimal. A placement with your family can only be confirmed with a school enrolment.

​Do I have any financial responsibilities for the student?

Host families receive a reimbursement each month to help cover the costs of hosting a student. Our students are responsible for their own personal costs such as school equipment, toiletries and activities. It is not the responsibility of the host family to cover these costs and our students and their parents are prepared for this fact before arrival.

If you would like to know more about reimbursements then please contact the office.

​If I want to know more what can I do?

If you are keen to become a host family or find out more information then please contact MyEducation UK. You can complete the online registration form and we will contact you. Or please call or email us. Alternatively, if you would like to proceed with an application to host please complete the Host Family Profile form and we will start the process of placing a student in your home.


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