Become a Host Family With​ MyEducation

Why become a host family?

Making the decision to become a host family is one that will open up the lives of your family members to new cultures, experiences and relationships. For many families who choose to host an exchange student they find that the time together with a foreign student is one of intercultural exchange and friendship. These are friendships and relationships that will last a lifetime.

Our students:

  • Come from a variety of countries including Germany, Denmark, Norway, Italy, USA, Brazil, Thailand and Mexico

  • Are aged 16-18 and will be enrolled in a local school

  • Are interviewed and screened before departure to ensure they are ready for an overseas exchange

  • Are able to speak a moderate level of English on arrival and will work to improve their skills

  • Are looking forward to living with a family who will welcome them and care for them while they embark on one of the biggest challenges of their young lives

Our students have been interviewed and provide character references to ensure that their expectations and understanding of the exchange experience are correct. They arrive in the UK with an eagerness to learn and to become part of your family’s life and the British culture.

You can view some profiles of our arriving students here and you can read about the experience of hosting from one of our host families here.

What does a host family provide?

If you choose to become a host family you will make it possible for a student to study and experience life in the UK. We ask that you are able to provide:

  • A comfortable environment including a bed, study area and space to store their personal belongings

  • Three meals a day

  • Warmth and support to assist your student through their exchange

  • A home environment where they are welcomed as a member of the family

**MyEducation (UK) is able to offer a reimbursement to families to help with the additional costs of hosting.**

If you choose to become a host family with MyEducation (UK) we will be there to support you and your student 24 hours a day. You will have access to a local representative as well as the staff at our head office. We are here to guide and support you all to ensure that your time together is positive and memorable for everyone involved.

Become a host family:

If you would like to become a host family there are four simple steps to follow

  1. Contact MyEducation (UK) to register your interest in becoming a host family
  2. Meet with a staff member at your home to complete an in-person interview and to complete relevant documents for your application
  3. Choose a student that best matches your family and get in contact with them to build a relationship with them before their arrival
  4. Welcome your new ‘host son’ or ‘host daughter’ into your home

If you would like to know more about hosting please consult our FAQs, contact the office by phone, ​email or using the enquiry form.


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