Area Representatives FAQ's​

  • What reimbursement should I expect?

Where do the students come from and how long do they stay?

Our foreign students are aged between 16 and 18 and come from across Europe and from other parts of the world including the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Thailand and Mexico. Our students complete a program of either 6 or 10 months in length with the majority arriving for the beginning of the new school year in September.

Where do the students live?

Our students live with host families who are based across the UK. Our families come in all shapes and sizes but all share the interest and enthusiasm to support a young person on their adventure in the UK. Host families must be able to offer a bed and a room and meals for their student. They are reimbursed a monthly amount for their expenses and students arrive fully prepared to pay for their own personal expenses and activities. As an Area Represetative you will be asked to meet with and interview prospective host families to assess their suitability to welcome a foreign student into their home.

Will I be expected to find host families?

You are not expected to find all of the host families for our students but your active advertising and recruitment will lead to more students being placed in your area and you being more involved in the programs. Area Representatives who successfully find and process a new host family will be rewarded for their effort.

Am I able to host and act as an Area Representative?

Several of our Area Representatives do also host students but it is not a requirement. You can choose how involved you become in the programs. If you decide to host a student then an alternative Area Representative will be found to support you, your family and the student during the program.


How much contact with the host families and students is expected?

You are able to determine how involved you become with your student(s) and how you manage your role. Many Area Representatives enjoy bringing all of their students together and completing activities or visiting local sites. The level of contact that is required varies from student to student and is often determined by the student’s ability to settle into their new life.

Students sometimes struggle with homesickness and culture shock and may ask for the support of their host family and Area Representative to get through the more difficult times.

We ask that you schedule a monthly meeting with your students to ensure that they are well. In between these meetings the students should be able to contact you and vice versa by phone or email. A monthly call or meeting with the host family can also be very beneficial to ensure the smooth passage of the program.

What tasks will I complete as an Area Representative?

There will be various tasks that need to be completed in your role, some are required while others are optional. These tasks may include:

  • Host family interviews (all further checks will be completed by Head office)
  • Interviewing British students who wish to depart on exchange
  • Arranging regular meetings with exchange students and host families to monitor their progress
  • Completing bi-monthly progress reports for students under your supervision
  • Host family finding
  • Contacting schools to monitor student progress

Will I be expected to secure school enrolments?

You will not be expected to secure school enrolments for the students but any knowledge that you have about local state high schools or colleges in your area would be very valuable to the role. School enrolments will primarily be secured by staff in the UK office but it is possible that you may need to liaise with the school to complete any paperwork for the student’s enrolment to be confirmed. If this is required then we would of course give you the support and information that you need to complete this.

How do I apply?

If you would like to apply for the role then you can either proceed to the Application form which can be found here. Alternatively you can call or email the office and we will send you a paper application form to your home.

As part of the application we ask that you provide us with a Curriculum Vitae so that we can see your employment history. If you have difficulty providing a document of this type then please contact the office. We also ask for three references that we can contact. These referees should be colleagues or friends but they cannot be family members.

What reimbursement should I expect?

Reimbursement is offered for the tasks that you undertake during your work as an Area Representative. Our reimbursements are for your time and to cover any expected expenses that you may incur.​


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