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What is an Area Representative?

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An exchange program is a time of great experience and adventure for each student and host family involved. As an Area Representative for MyEducation you will work closely with local students and families and become an integral part of their overseas experience. Your support and contact will make their experience more successful and you will guide them through their time together.

Our Area Representatives are adults who enjoy working with young people and families. You will have an interest in your local community and an eagerness to ensure that the students get the most from their time in their new home. Experience of working with children is valuable but not a requirement, as common sense and a level head are just as important.

As an Area Representative, you will be the local contact for the students and families that are assigned to you. You will offer support and guidance to all those involved in making the program a success. Behind you will be the MyEducation staff who will maintain contact with you and offer support whenever you need it. We will answer any question that you may have and help to resolve any issues that may occur.

Our students:

  • Come from a variety of countries including Germany, Denmark, Norway, Italy, USA, Brazil and Australia.
  • Arrive for an exchange of 4, 5 or 10 months. Arrivals are in August/September (a small number of students arrive for 4 months in January).
  • Are aged 16-18 and will be enrolled in a local school (some students might be 15 on arrival).
  • Are able to speak a moderate/good level of English on arrival and will work to improve their skills.
  • Are looking forward to living with a family who will welcome them and care for them while they embark on one of the biggest challenges of their young lives.

What does the role involve?

Being an Area Representative may include the following activities:

  • Interviewing, evaluating and assisting us to find host families.
  • Interviewing prospective British applicants who wish to travel overseas.
  • Introducing foreign students to host families.
  • Maintaining contact with your students.
  • Conducting orientations for arriving students.
  • Reporting back to the office about the progress of your students and host families.

We are currently looking for Area Representatives across England, Wales and Scotland to welcome new students and host families into the MyEducation network. As an Area Representative you will be reimbursed for your time and receive training before you start.

If you have questions about the role then please complete the enquiry form or contact the office. Alternatively, you can apply for a position by completing the application form.

If you choose to become an Area Representative with MyEducation we will be there to support you, your students and your families 24 hours a day through the following support structure:

  • MyEducation office: staff in the office are available to answer any questions and to give guidance and support. We will happily talk through any concerns and give specific advice. When needed, we will contact the student or host family to address any issues that need additional support.
  • Emergency phone: you can access the MyEducation team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you have an issue that requires urgent management. If the safety and well being of the student or your family is in question you can call the emergency number and speak with a staff member.

Being an Area Representative is a wonderful way to bring the world into your community. However, we know that an exchange does present challenges to the young people that participate as they have to adjust to a new home, life and community. As an Area Representative you are there to address issues, however big or small, and we encourage families and students to speak with you and to speak with one another as issues arise. Addressing a concern early on can really help to resolve a possible problem further down the line. Often students don’t realise there is a problem, so as an Area Representative we encourage you to be in regular contact with your student and we ask the same of them.

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