​What is a Host Family?

What is a host family?

Being a host family with MyEducation (UK) means opening your home to a young person from overseas and welcoming them into your family unit and life. Host families allow high school exchange students the opportunity to fulfill their dream to live as a local in a foreign country. With MyEducation (UK) host families across the country are able to show high school students what it means to be British and to welcome them into their lives.

So, what is a host family? A host family is a very special group of people who are able to welcome a young person into their home and allow the student the chance to enrich their lives while also enriching the lives of their host family members. It is an experience that families and students will never forget and will make lifelong relationships together

What does a host family provide?

Hosting is a voluntary experience but MyEducation (UK) is able to offer a financial contribution to all host families to cover the costs associated with hosting a young person in your home. These reimbursements are paid monthly and in exchange for these payments the host family are asked to offer their student:

  • A room in their home with a bed and closet space
  • An area for the student to complete homework
  • All meals - packed lunch for school days (which students can make)
  • Love and support
  • A chance to become part of their family and live like a typical British teenager

Host families are not responsible for paying any further costs for the student.

  • Students arrive with their own spending money for activities, school costs, personal expenses and travel etc.
  • Students have their own insurance policy for medical and other potential costs

Who are our students?

Our students come from many destinations and are aged 16-18 years old. They will attend a local high school in your area and hope to become a part of the local community. With MyEducation (UK) our students aim to learn about life in the United Kingdom and wish to adapt to our cultures and traditions. Our students all have experience with the English language and hope to perfect these skills while at school and also in their everyday activities with your family and their new school friends.

Hosting a high school exchange student can be rewarding for all members of your family. You might learn some new language skills or learn about another culture. You will meet a young person with a keen interest to learn about your lives and interests and will find that they become a member of your family and help you to build global relationships.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a host family with MyEducation (UK) then please contact our office or enquiry form and a staff member will.​


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