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Why choose Public Preferred?

If you want more choice about your program and where you will live in the USA, but you prefer to attend a state school, then the Public Preferred program is for you. This program gives you the chance to choose the school district that will meet your needs both educationally and personally. Read below about the districts to learn about the size of the schools included, their specialist subject areas and the sports and activities that are available to you. Whatever it is that you want from the school experience, we have the school district that will fit your needs.

The program is generally available for just one year but there are two districts that will allow students to attend for more than one year. A small number of schools will allow students to graduate in one year, but this is based on your academic record prior to arriving in the USA. Students must expect to work very hard in their exchange year in order to achieve the credits that they need to receive their High School Diploma if they hope to graduate.

The Public Preferred program is more expensive than our classic exchange program because fees are paid to the school for your enrolment and the host family is also paid to ensure that we can find a family in your chosen district. Our partner works with 65 different school districts across the USA, including districts in cities such as Boston, Chicago, Orlando and San Francisco.

Benefits of the Public Preferred program:

  • Choice! You not only choose a school district based on your personal preferences for activities and subjects but also choose where you live.
  • A list of school districts is provided based on your requirements and needs.
  • Rolling admission – enrolments accepted until July each year for August arrival.
  • Students with allergies to household pets and special dietary needs can be considered.
  • Graduation is possible at some schools in one year.
  • Single placement and/or single room option is available with additional fee.
  • Can be placed with natural family living in the USA.
  • Some shorter programs are available – 9-12 weeks at select school districts.

Below are some examples of the public school districts that we  offer. If you would like to see a full list then please contact the office.

Please note that host family placements are generally double placements on this program. This means you would be placed in a home with another (non-British) exchange student. It is also likely that you will share a room. If you prefer to have a single room or a single placement, you can choose to pay an additional fee to guarantee these options.

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Public Preferred fees 2021 – 2022 || 10 months from £19,440 to £44,040 || 5 months from £15,120 to £27,320 || 2-3 months available on special request only || Single Placement optional fee £4,500 || Single Room optional fee £3,000

State: Arizona


With courses in Biotechnology, Engineering, and IT, students in Scottsdale can gain the strong foundation they will need to succeed in their college careers and beyond. The Scottsdale Unified School District has established high standards through increased academic rigour, which it believes instills a passion for lifelong learning. The District has taken the initiative to invest in technology in the classroom. The District also offers many clubs in which students can participate.

State: California


The schools of Clovis Unified School District have been recognised numerous times as some of California’s Distinguished Schools. Teachers and staff strive to create an academic system that meets the academic, physical, social and creative needs of students. Clovis’s athletic teams regularly take part in State and National Championships and have won multiple state, national and international awards. Clovis is also know for its Drama and Performing Arts programs.

State: California

Santa Barbara

The Santa Barbara School District is one of the oldest in California, dating back to 1866. Offering over 230 academic and elective courses, there is no shortage of exciting and challenging classes in which to partake. The schools promote mutual trust and respect among students and faculty, and with high expectations, the students are empowered to reach their full potential and succeed in today’s world. Every school in the District is highly rated, providing fantastic academic opportunities for students.

State: Colorado


Now the fastest growing school district in Colorado, Denver District is devoted to becoming a national leader. In the last decade, the number of students enrolled in AP courses has doubled due to the efforts of the District. Students have access to many clubs, sports teams, and community activities. Understanding the importance of family and community involvement, the District urges students to embrace learning outside the classroom.

State: Connecticut

East Hartford

The Connecticut IB Academy (CIBA) is an authorised International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, an internationally-recognised educational model that focuses on depth, breadth, and development of learners as independent, internationally-minded thinkers and problem solvers. CIBA is a highly rated school where international students are immersed in American culture and the English language. All courses at CIBA are IB courses.

State: Florida


Nearly a quarter of all high school students in Miami-Dade County are currently enrolled in Advanced Placement (AP) courses, speaking to the district’s commitment to academic proficiency. Seven high schools in the District were ranked in the top 200 public schools in the United States, according to U.S. News and World Report. Miami-Dade County Public Schools also excel in non-academic areas. The district was named a 2013 Best Community for Music Education, and is committed to keeping arts education in its schools.

State: Idaho

Idaho Falls

Bonneville High School is one of the F-1 Public Program’s most popular districts. We have students attend this school every year and they absolutely love it. The school is one of our most affordable options, and provides students with an impressive array of academic and athletic opportunities. The school community is very passionate about their sports teams. Bonneville High School also offers 3-month programs for students interested in a shorter program.

State: Illinois


Chicago Public Schools is the third largest district in the United States, offering a multitude of courses, sports, clubs and other activities. With a goal to provide unique learning opportunities to its students inside and outside the classroom, new programs are looking to help those who are interested in moving up in their education. Some of these programs include the Chicago Book Clubs, the Chicago Math and Science Initiative, and the Chicago Reading Initiative.

State: Maine


Stearns High School has one of the best Performing and Visual Arts programs in the state of Maine. Meanwhile, the Science Department provides students with the opportunity to perform cutting edge science experiments. Stearns High School offers a wide variety of Advanced Placement courses and many opportunities for students to display their talents in the arts, including multiple plays and recitals throughout the year.

State: Massachusetts


Maynard High School has high academic standards for its students, making it one of the best schools in Massachusetts. The school’s most impressive feature is its own radio and television station that is entirely run by Maynard students; a large portion of the student body work together to maintain the program and train new interested students. Maynard’s academic and athletic offerings are also impressive.

State: Michigan


Jenison High School offers a comprehensive curriculum of over 150 course offerings, including an award-winning music program. Jenison High School has been a Grammy Signature School three years running. The visual and performing arts are key components in the curriculum and have received state and national honors. Jenison is also recognised for its premier athletic programs. The beautiful Jenison Center for the Arts is located next to campus.

State: Nevada

Las Vegas

Clark County School District is the fifth largest school district in the United States, dealing with more than 311,000 students. This high number of students allows the district to have a variety of academic, athletic and extra-curricular activities in which F-1 students can participate. With an assortment of Advanced Placement classes, and teachers who care and strive to help their students however they can, this is a great district for international students.

State: New York


The smaller size of Fabius-Pompey High School means that all students receive the support that they need to reach their highest potential. Programs and staff are available to meet any special needs that students might have. The proficiency and professionalism of the instrumental music program at Fabius-Pompey is widely acknowledged. The school even offers a Culinary Arts course.

State: North Carolina

Charlotte - Mecklenburg

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools not only endorse challenging education, but they also proudly promote diversity. Their student body consists of students from 160 different countries. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is hailed as one of the most diverse public school districts in the state of North Carolina. The district has also received the Broad Prize for Urban Education, the largest education prize in the country.

State: Pennsylvania


Beaver Area High School is the #1 high school in the county. The Beaver Area School District provides students with a dynamic learning community, encouraging students to achieve their potential. Along with a rigorous academic curriculum, the Beaver Area School District integrates creativity and innovation in the classroom. Students will feel comfortable in the learning environment created by the Beaver Area School District.

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