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USA – Private Preferred

High School Exchange in the USA – Private Preferred

Choose your school in the USA

Why choose Private Preferred?

If you wish to go to the USA and choose the exact school that you attend, and so in turn choose the area that you live in, then the Private Preferred program is for you. This program gives you the chance to choose a school that will meet your needs both educationally and personally. If you want to pursue a career in a certain area then we have schools that excel in different subjects. Or if you are a talented golfer or American football player, we can offer schools where they have high quality teaching staff and a national reputation for producing sports stars. Whatever it is that you want from the school experience, we have a school that will fit your needs.

The other benefit of this program is that you can study in the USA for more than one year. You can study for 1, 2, 3 or more years if you wish to. If you want to graduate from a school in the USA then the Private Preferred program allows you to do this. You can collect the necessary credits needed to graduate as a Senior and complete your school career in the USA. On the classic program this is not possible. Most schools require enrolment for 2 years in order to graduate, but a small group will allow students to graduate in 1 year if they believe it is possible for you to reach the required credits. This decision is based on your school reports.

Benefits of the Private Preferred program:

  • Choice! You not only choose a school based on your personal preferences for activities and subjects but also choose where you live.
  • A list of schools is provided based on your requirements and needs.
  • Rolling admission – enrolments accepted until July each year for August arrival, but not all schools will be available this late in the application process.
  • Students with allergies to household pets and special dietary needs can be considered.
  • Graduation is possible at some schools in one year.
  • Smaller classes allow you more contact time with your teachers.
  • A smaller school population almost guarantees you access to the school subjects and the extra-curricular activities of your choice.
  • Can be placed with natural family living in the USA.
  • Some shorter programs are available – 9-12 weeks at selected schools.

All private schools in the USA are religious, but this does not mean that you have to follow a particular religion to attend the school. They respect all faiths and views. You will be asked to participate in morning assembly and occasional chapel services as part of your enrolment.

A selection of private schools available for enrolment is shown below. A full list can be provided if you would like to see all of the options available.

Please note that the preferred programme prices are subject to change.

Exchange students in Autumn

Want choice at a lower fee?


We can now offer multiple different options to attend a Public or Private school in the USA at a lower cost, with some choice available. Each one of our programs offer different choices for you to make.

Check out our other programs and decide which one is best suited for you!

Private Preferred fees 2023-2024 :  BASIC PLUS, 10 MONTHS: £19,995 || 10 months from £23,366 to £64,000+ || 5 months from £17,900  || 2-3 months available on special request only

State: Various

Basic program

Reduce the program fee by choosing to join the Basic program. You will be matched with a private school based on your application package, interests and activities. Your school will be anywhere in the USA and you will live with a volunteer family. You do not get to choose where you live in the USA, but you will attend a top-quality private school at a more affordable price. Schools in this program have a student population of between 100-200 students per year.

State: Various

Basic Plus program

Reduce the program fee by choosing to join the Basic Plus program. You will be matched with a private school based on your application package, interests and activities. Your school will be anywhere in the USA and you will live with a volunteer family. You do not get to choose where you live in the USA, but you will attend a top-quality private school at a more affordable price. On this program you can state some more preferences to assist with school matching and schools will have a student population between 200-300 students.

State: Florida

Beacon of Hope

The Beacon of Hope Christian School (BHCS) is located in St. Augustine. BCHS is known for flexibility, and in many subjects there are hands-on learning opportunities, such as the dissection of a shark, building rockets, etc. The school has an active student council, on which you can learn about leadership and teamwork. Teaching is tailored to a student’s individual needs. BHCS has approximately 145 students, including 6 exchange students.

State: Missouri

Plaza Heights Academy

Plaza Heights Christian Academy (PHCA) is located in Blue Springs, a city with over 50,000 residents which is only 40km from Kansas City. PHCA offers specialised teaching in creative subjects such as art and music or bands, and sports such as baseball, basketball, cross country, track, soccer, volleyball and cheerleading. The school has up to 200 students, including 5 exchange students.

State: Illinois

Aquin High School

Aquin High School (AHS) is located in Freeport, Illinois. The town has approximately 25,000 inhabitants and several parks and recreation areas. The school has approximately 350 pupils in years 9-12, of whom 15 are exchange students. Sports offered are baseball, basketball, soccer, golf, orienteering, volleyball, and softball. The mission of the school is to provide an environment which is spiritual and intellectual, and skills are developed and nurtured.

State: California

Apple Valley Christian School

Apple Valley Christian School (AVCS) is located in Hesperia, Apple Valley, California. The city has over 90,000 residents and is 2 hours from Los Angeles. Attractions include the Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area. AVCS teaches music, band and choir. Sports include volleyball, flag football, basketball, baseball, softball and cross country. AVCS has approximately 70 students, including up to 10 exchange students.

State: Wisconsin

N.E.W. Lutheran High School

Northeastern Wisconsin (N.E.W.) Lutheran High School is located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Green Bay has over 100,000 residents and is known for its NFL team, the Green Bay Packers. There are many opportunities for outdoor activities. At N.E.W. there is music, dance, choir and drama club, and sports include baseball, basketball, cross country, American football, football, hockey and volleyball. N.E.W. has 200 students and up to 10 exchange students.

State: Wisconsin

Xavier High School

Xavier High School (XHS) is located in the town of Appleton, Wisconsin, which has over 140,000 residents. Appleton is 48 km from Green Bay and is just north of Lake Winnebago. XHS offers 24 different sports including American football, soccer, golf, tennis, cross country, track & field, baseball, softball and lacrosse. XHS has 500 students and enrols up to 25 exchange students.

State: Massachusetts

Lowell Catholic High School

Lowell Catholic High School (LCHS) is only 32 km from Boston, Massachusetts. The city of Lowell has over 100,000 inhabitants and offers interesting museums, parks and concert venues. LCHS has many clubs for students, including a chess club and debate team. Sports include baseball, basketball, cross country, American football, soccer, tennis, volleyball and softball. LCHS has 400 students, of which up to 40 are exchange students.

State: Florida

St. Joseph Academy

St. Joseph Academy (SJA) is located in St Augustine, Florida, which has approximately 15,000 inhabitants and is near the ocean. If you like hot weather and water, it is a good choice. SJA offers many optional creative subjects such as drama, drawing and photography. Sports include baseball, basketball, cross country, American football, golf, soccer, swimming and softball. SJA has 300 students, of which up to 20 are exchange students.

Boarding School Options

If you dream of living in the USA with people of your own age then maybe a Boarding School is the right choice for you. You will live at the school with your fellow students from the USA and also with international students from around the world.

We have selected a few schools for you to consider, but we can offer many more. Please contact us for the full list.

Group of boys in blue sports kit in huddle at basketball game

State: Virginia

Kenston Forest School

Kenston Forest School (KFS) is located in the small town of Blackstone, Virginia. The closest big city is Richmond. KFS teaches robot technology (students build robots themselves), drama, art and music. Sports include American football, cross country, volleyball, cheerleading, basketball, baseball, golf, soccer and softball. KFS has approximately 325 students, including up to 20 exchange students.

State: Kansas

Life Prep Academy

Life Preparatory Academy is a co-educational, Christian day and boarding school in Wichita Kansas. There are plenty of attractions in Wichita itself and the school ensure that each student thrives through their quality education. The school offers a variety of extra curricular activities including basketball, football, soccer, chess club, choir, cooking, cheerleading and more. Life Prep offers advanced programs in Calculus, Chemistry, English and Psychology. The school has around 200 students, including 40+ international students from 22 countries.

State: California

Ribet Academy

Ribet Academy is a co-educational, non-denomination boarding school in Los Angeles, California. Ribet encourages students at all grade levels to engage in a variety of activities that build skills and confidence. Students that attend Ribet Academy are able to learn to stretch their imaginations, their intellect and abilities. The school offers a wide range of classes and activities.

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