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High School Exchange in Norway

Powered by Nature

The northernmost point of Norway lies within the Arctic Circle, the southernmost is level with the north of the UK, This suggests the vast extent of Norway and the beautiful nature that exists within it. You will experience the modern city of Oslo, wonder at the fjords, experience the Northern Lights in a land where, in some places, the sun never properly sets, climb the longest wooden staircase in the world, and visit  typical wooden churches or the Viking Ship Museum.

Discover why Norway has been voted the best country to live in and why the Norwegians are considered among the most progressive and peaceful people in Europe.

Life as an exchange student in Norway

On our high school exchange program in Norway you will immerse yourself in Norwegian culture while living with a Norwegian host family and sharing in their daily life. Many Norwegians spend the weekends at their cabin in the mountains. If you like outdoor life and hiking, Norway is the right country for you. It is filled with great nature, fjords, mountains, lakes, cities, small towns and cosy villages. There is plenty for a curious exchange student to explore and experience on high school exchange in Norway.

The Norwegian school system

Depending on your age you will either attend a Ungdomsskole or a Vidergaende Skole. Both are state schools but they cater for different age groups. You will study a wide variety of subjects and also have some subject options to choose from.The school day begins around 8am and ends at either 2pm or 3.30pm. Students in school do not wear a uniform.

At the start of the day, the teachers and students greet one another and exchange hellos in their classroom. There are multiple breaks throughout the day, with students having the chance to get some fresh air after almost every 45-minute lesson. In many towns, students and teachers have specific indoor shoes in the winter as the weather can require that quite heavy, warm shoes are worn to school. Despite the winter weather, in many places students use a bike or walk to school.

Students stay in the same classroom with the same classmates all day long and the teachers rotate around the classrooms. This is an unusual concept for British students, but it is one that will really allow you to get to know your classmates. Another way to meet people is through the local community sports and activity groups. These groups are separate from the school and your host family will help you find a team that you wish to join.

Norway host family arrival
Exchange student watching Northern light in Tromsø

High School Exchange in Norway 2024-25 || 10 months: £8,995 || 5 months:£7,895

Denmark exchange student orientation camp

Arrival Orientation

You will attend a group arrival orientation meeting in either Copenhagen, Denmark, along with other students arriving for exchange in Denmark and Norway or your camp will be in Norway. There you will meet the friendly team, learn about life on exchange, practice your language skills, and tour the beautiful city before flying to meet your host family and start your Norwegian adventure. N.B. Minimum numbers apply for the camp to run and the fee for the camp is only included in the 5 and 10 month program. 2 or 3 month program applicants can pay an additional fee to participate.

norway exchange students in Stavanger

Optional Tours

Every year the staff in Norway offer a variety of trips and tours for their students. You might enjoy a trip to Stavanger, where you will tour the port, take a boat trip and walk up Prekestolen. Or you might travel to Oslo to enjoy the Christmas markets and possibly meet up with the Danish students you encountered at orientation.

Norway host family at lake

Grace - on exchange in Norway

My host family celebrated Christmas on the 24th. We went to the local church for a traditional Christmas service, which was something I had never done before. Before dinner everyone got dressed into nice clothes and we walked around the Christmas tree singing Norwegian Christmas songs, which I thought was a nice tradition. For dinner we had Pinnekjøtt with fruit salad for dessert and it was delicious. After dinner we exchanged gifts. I had an amazing Christmas and loved spending it with my host family.

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