High School Exchange in Italy

Experience La Dolce Vita

Fashion, pizza, Roman treasures, football, Ferraris, Alps, sea and countryside – every single region and every single town has a world to offer. Italy is full of treasures left by the Romans and the Greeks, and by other peoples passing through along the centuries. It is a country that played a primary role in forming Western European culture and lifestyle. It is a country of beautiful landscapes. Italy extends across many different terrains, from the snowy Alps to the Tuscan countryside, from amazing beaches to the historical and artistic cities, from the picturesque lakes to the beautiful islands, all tied to their typical traditions and regional customs.

Italy also plays a very important role in fashion and has a reputation for football, sport and food. Who could not appreciate a delicious ice-cream or a ‘real’ pizza? There are thousands and thousands of recipes, very different from one another depending on the region involved.

And last but not least, the famous warmth and friendliness of Italian people will strike you from the very first moment and you will easily feel at home.

Warmth and friendliness

Italian families are famous for their warmth and friendliness and they will make you feel part of the the family, sharing every single moment together. Host families are volunteers with a huge wish to learn about you, your life and your culture. They want to share their daily life with a person who is eager to experience their country and a life that is very different to what is usual for you. Italians love to spend time in conversation – especially during meals – as well as cooking, visiting interesting places in the surrounding area, and seeing relatives and friends. As Italian families are very close to their relatives, becoming part of their family might mean being part of a ten or more person group, which will enhance the enjoyment of your exchange.

The Italian School System

Italian schools are in session from September to June each year. As a participant on the program you will be enrolled into scuola secondaria, which is for students aged 14 – 19 years of age. There are different types of school – classical, scientific, linguistic and technical. Italian students choose where they wish to go based on their subject preference.

Uniform is not required in an Italian school and schools are co-educational. Most schools are in session from Monday to Saturday from 8am to 1pm, but this does vary from region to region. Lunch is not eaten at school and students usually  return home for lunch.

Even though schools do have different areas of specialty, they all have several subjects that are common such as Italian language and literature, English grammar and literature, Maths, History and Science. Other subjects then depend on the type of school that you attend.

High school exchange to Italy 2022-23 || 10 months: £6,795 || 5 months: £6,095 || 3 months: £4,595 || 2 months: £3,995

Italy orientation group photo

Arrival Orientation

Join our wonderful Italian partner organisation at an arrival orientation in Milan. Spend 3 days settling in and meeting other students before travelling to your host family. Explore Milan, visit beautiful Lake Como, join an Italian cookery class and experience classic Milanese aperitivo before some karaoke. A lovely way to start your experience in Italy. N.B. Minimum numbers required for the arrival camp to run. Orientation fee not included in program fee.

Exchange students in Milan

Optional Trips

Our partner organises a variety of trips throughout the year. Enjoy a pre-Christmas pizza lunch in Milan before spending the weekend in Venice. Travel to Rome in early spring for a three-day trip, or experience 10 days in Sardinia in May, spending time with a local host family and touring the white beaches and historical sites of this beautiful island.

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