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High School Exchange in Germany

Unity, Justice and Freedom

Germany is a country that perfectly blends old world charm and modern, bustling, sophisticated cities. Turning a corner in a major city like Munich or Berlin can transport you from the 21st century to another time. Whether you are enjoying the festivals or Christmas markets, eating wurst or tucking into one of their many delicious cakes, there is something for everyone in Germany.

Nature is characterised by the great rivers such as the Rhine, Moselle, Danube and Main. Along the rivers you will find vine-clad mountains and ancient castles. There is a great difference between the north and the south, but everywhere you will find sights, varied nature and architecture and local traditions.

Life as an exchange student in Germany

On exchange in Germany you will be welcomed by our partner organisation and their large network of volunteers. You will meet present exchange students as well as past exchange students. Your family will welcome you into their lives and their home and show you the traditional German ways. Their more serious attitude may be a surprise at first, but with time you will adjust to the manner and personality of the German people.

Most families are quite active and venture outdoors at weekends. You might try some new activities. You may also find that you have more independence than might be usual, so mutual respect and developing trust with your host parents is very important. Whether you are placed in the Alps or on the Baltic Sea, you will have an incredible experience.

The German school system

The German school system is divided into five levels. You will be enrolled into the Secondary level, which is in turn broken into 4 different types of school: Hauptschule, Realschule, Gesamtschule and Gymnasium. As an exchange student you will likely be enrolled into the Realschule or Gymnasium as it caters for students from age 10-19. Gymnasium schools are quite academic and you should expect to be challenged.

At school you will be enrolled in a full timetable of subjects. You will study German, Maths, the Sciences, Music, Art, History, Civics, PE, IT and at least two foreign languages. Some additional subjects are available, but be ready to study all of the subjects that you may have stopped learning earlier in your UK school.

School will start around 7.30 – 8.15, but most schools are only in session until lunchtime. Students can attend after school clubs or homework clubs during the afternoon, so there will be plenty to do.

Germany student with flag
Germany mosel region

High school exchange to Germany 2022-23 || 10 months: £8,695 || 5 months: £7,995 || 3 months: £6,495

Germany airport

Arrival Orientation

You will arrive in Germany at Frankfurt airport and be met by the team of volunteers from our partner organisation. You will be escorted to your host family by the staff. Soon after arrival you will meet your local support team and they will hold an arrival orientation for you and any other local students.

German old town

Optional Trips

While in Germany you will be invited to join Student Meet Ups as part of your program. These take place throughout the year and you will get to meet new friends and see a new place. You will also be offered the chance to join an organised tour, which is an additional cost, to see a new part of Germany and explore more of the country.

Germany exchange student with host family

Katie in Germany

Read about Katie from Yorkshire’s exchange in the east of Germany. Read about her experience with her host family, learning a new language and her summer spent by the lake with her new friends.

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