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High School Exchange in France

Elegance, Gastronomy and a joy of life

A high school exchange to France is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a culture that has influenced the western world for decades. The French are very proud of their contributions to art, literature, philosophy, architecture, food, sport and film. From the Alps near the Italian-Swiss border to the forest covered Vosges Mountains in the northeast, to the Pyrenees along the Spanish border and to the beaches on the Mediterranean, France offers breathtaking scenery and variety.

Culture and Language in France

Certain elements of the culture are world-famous, such as the French interest in producing excellent food and wine. In rural areas the French people have kept their traditions and it is not uncommon to see the elder men of the towns and villages playing boules in the town square. France is a country of 67 million people (2017) and is multi-ethnic and multi-cultural.

The people of France are very proud of their national language, and it is the fifth most spoken language in the world. French people are also very proud of their country – particularly when talking about culture, intellect and food. It is no secret that French cuisine is held in high esteem and each region has its own specialties and styles based on local ingredients.

The French school system

The school year runs from early September to early July. Students on exchange will generally attend the Lycée (high school), which is a three-year course of secondary education for students between 15 and 18 years of age. Pupils prepare for the Baccalaureate exam, which is the equivalent to an A Level or Advanced Higher.

French schools are co-educational and secular. You don’t have to wear a uniform and the schools you will attend are state schools. Students eat a hot lunch in the school each day and there is an additional fee for this which is paid to the school.

Students have a list of compulsory subjects: French, philosophy, history, geography, two modern languages, sport and sciences. You can also choose two specialist subjects: art, ecology, politics, literature, maths, other sciences and more. The list varies from school to school.

Exchange students by beach
Exchange student by Louvre

High School Exchange in France  2024 -25 || 10 months: £8,595 or £8,895 || 5 months: £6,895|| 3 months: £4,695 || 1-2 months: £3,195/£3,995

France Plus 2024 – 25 || 10 months: £11,095 or £11,995 || 5 months: £8,895 || 3 months: £5,495 || 1-2 months: £3,995/£4,695

Why not choose the High School Plus program?

The Plus program allows you to make some choices about where you live in France. You can choose from the following options:

  • Choose your area of placement
  • Choose an urban area
  • Make a special request

If you want to have some control about where you live and what pursuits you can follow, this program is for you.

Exchange student in French port
Do you want to...

Live by the beach?

You can choose to be placed by the coast and can choose between the Mediterranean, Atlantic or Channel

Do you want to...

Live in a city?

If you want to go to France, but prefer to not be placed in the countryside, you can ask to be placed in a city. A city is classed as an urban area with more than 50,000 people.

Do you want to...

Make a special request?

If you want to be able to compete in a specific sport while on exchange or if you want to study a specific subject, you can make a special request. Whatever you need, just ask.

France group orientation

Orientation camp - NOT AVAILABLE IN 2024

If you travel in August or January, you will join the Paris arrival orientation camp. Spend 4 days in the French capital city and meet other arriving exchange students. Learn about being an exchange student in France and explore the wonderful, historic city of Paris before travelling to your host family.

France Boarding school

Boarding or Private School?

If you would like to attend a boarding school or even a private school in Paris, please speak with the MyEducation team to learn more about this option. Dictate more about your program, but fees are understandably higher for this experience.

France student with host family

Other programs

If you can’t spare a year or a semester off school in the UK to go to France, why not consider a 4-8 week program. Get a snapshot of life in France with a host family on our classic exchange program, but don’t miss much of your schooling back home.

Apply for a high school exchange in France today!