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High School Exchange in Denmark

The Happiest Place on Earth

Denmark has been voted the happiest place on earth more times than any other country, which is why as an exchange student you will find in this little Scandinavian country a welcome like no other. Denmark is spread across lots of islands and is a country of bridges and water and beauty. It is a very flat country, which is possibly why the bicycle network is one of the best in the world.

Denmark displays its long history in its beautiful streets, its colourful port buildings and its quaint waterways. A country that has grown up around the sea, you will never be far from the water. The people are trusting and kind, and although they can be reserved at first, you will soon witness their wicked sense of humour and feel their honesty.

Life as an exchange student in Denmark

The birthplace of LEGO, Denmark has many inventors and is also known for its fairy tale villages and castles. The beauty of the country is mirrored in the beauty of the people and their idea and concept of Hygge. Hygge is about creating cosy gatherings and intimate get-togethers with family and friends. It’s a feeling of wellbeing and warmth, and as an exchange student you will sense this from the people you meet.

The Danish school system

Depending on your age, you will either be enrolled in Folkeskole, for students up to the age of 16, or Gymnasium for students aged 16 and upwards. The school day runs from 8am until 3pm, and the school year starts in early August and ends in June. Many students cycle to and from school or use public transport. There is no uniform in Danish schools.

You will be offered a large number of subjects to study, some being compulsory and others being optional. From creative subjects to languages and science, you will enjoy the options available to you.

After school you should join an extra-curricular activity in the local community. Clubs are not usually associated with the school, but there will be many options available to you, from Handball to Football, Art to Music, there is something for everyone. You will meet new people and build your friendship network even more.

Denmark exchange students on orientation tour

High School Exchange in Denmark 2024-25|| 10 months: £8,395 || 5 months:£7,295 || 3 months: £4,895 

Denmark exchange student orientation camp

Arrival Orientation

On arrival in Copenhagen, you will join a group orientation for students arriving for exchange in Denmark and possibly also students arriving for exchange in Norway. This is the opportunity to meet the friendly team and learn about life on exchange, practice your language skills, and tour beautiful Copenhagen before heading off to your host family home. The orientation is included on the 10 and 5 month program starting in August and January and students joining 2 or 3 month program can pay an additional fee to join the camp.

Optional Tours

Every year the staff in Denmark offer a variety of trips and tours for students. You might enjoy the Christmas markets in Aarhus, or travel to Norway for a week away in another country, or join a weekend trip in Denmark. There will be lots of choice for you to consider.

Denmark Christmas lights

Hilary - on exchange in Denmark

So far I have absolutely loved school here, even though it is very different to school at home. To begin with we don’t have a uniform, only have one class group that we stay with for all the subjects, and call our teachers by their first names, which is just the beginning of creating a more relaxed yet still educational environment. Along with creating a group of more friendly, connected and cooperative students. All of which I can pretty much call friends. I can’t explain how grateful I am to have been given the chance to go on exchange as it was one of the best choices in my life.

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