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High School Exchange in Brazil

Nature, beaches and an infectious love of life

Brazil came into being through the mixing together of colours, flavours, sounds and cultures from many corners of the world. The Brazilians love to share their culture, their food and their way of life with visitors. As a student on exchange in Brazil you will no doubt feel like part of the family very quickly.

Brazil is a large country with great variety. Beautiful beaches in Rio de Janeiro, the Amazon Rainforest stretching through the centre of the country, and the bustling metropolis of Sao Paulo. Spending time in Brazil will be unforgettable.

Life as an exchange student in Brazil

Brazil is one the most populous nations in the world and has the most diverse population due to over a century of mass immigration. As a melting pot of different traditions, Brazil has still managed to maintain its individuality while embracing the cultures that immigrants have brought. Carnival is possibly the most important time of the year, when Brazilians gather to celebrate life, love and of course samba. Wherever you are from, samba (and football) unite the country.

The national language is Portuguese. As an exchange student in Brazil, you don’t have to know the language on arrival, but it will help you significantly if you can learn as much as possible before departure.

The Brazilian school system

While in Brazil, you will join the upper secondary school system: Ensino Médio. This section of school is for students aged 15-18. You will also attend a private school. There are several compulsory subjects that you must take, which include maths, Portuguese, science, history, arts, geography and P.E. You will also study philosophy and sociology.

Uniforms are not required by all schools in Brazil, but many do use them. You will need to follow the rules of your school regarding required clothing. Lunches may also be required at your school, but again, this will vary from school to school.

Exchange student in Brazil with friends
Exchange student in Brazil with flag
Exchange student with host family in Brazil

High school exchange in Brazil 2023 -24 || 10 months: £8,295 || 5 months: £7,595 || 3 months: £5,995

Brazil exchange student

Arrival Orientation

On arrival in Brazil you will be met at the airport by your host family or a representative from the partner organisation. You will have an arrival orientation in your local area with your local support – your Area Representative. Here you will learn the rules and expectations of living in Brazil and get to know your Area Rep.

Brazil sao luis

Optional Tours

There are no optional tours for students on exchange in Brazil. However, you will experience the wonder of large family life and be welcomed into your home and school in a way that only South Americans can provide.

Brazil carnival


Carnival happens at the beginning of Lent and is celebrated throughout Brazil. The centre of Carnival is Rio de Janeiro, with smaller parades in other cities and towns. The samba schools of Brazil parade through the streets and a party atmosphere is experienced by all.

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