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Discounts and Scholarships

Can I save money on the program fee?

Discounts and Scholarships

A high school exchange is a time of adventure and excitement. At MyEducation we are delighted to be able to offer some discounts and scholarships to help you on your way.

Discount and Scholarship Deadlines

  • 1st November: for programs departing between April  and October.
  • 15th April: for programs departing between November and March.

To be eligible for the discount or scholarship consideration you must complete the following before the application deadline:

  • Submit an online pre-application form.
  • Attend an online information session with a parent or guardian.
  • Complete an interview with a staff member.
  • Submit a complete application form for your destination.
  • Pay £350 initial deposit.

After provisional acceptance, all standard Terms and Conditions will apply to your program and all future payments will be made within the usual terms.


Early Bird Discount

If you want to save some money on your exchange program, but don’t wish to apply for a scholarship, you can receive our Early Bird Discount.

  • £500 – 8-10 month programs
  • £350 – 4-7 month programs
  • £250 – 1-3 month programs



If you would like to use your personal skills and passion for the high school exchange program to potentially save more money on your program, the MyEducation scholarship options are for you.

All scholarship applications will be judged by an independent adjudicator with experience in the field of the specific scholarship entry (media and languages). MyEducation staff will assess general student suitability for the exchange programme, but we will not be involved in the judging of the scholarship programme.

Students are eligible to apply for both scholarships but can only be awarded one. Any students who are unsuccessful in their scholarship application will be given the choice to withdraw or proceed with the high school exchange application. If a student chooses to proceed then the Early Bird Discount will be automatically applied to their program fee.

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International Ambassador Scholarship

If you enjoy communicating with people around the world and talking about your life experiences, then this scholarship is for you. The recipient of an International Ambassador Scholarship, you will be someone who wants to share their passion about their high school exchange program and promote the benefits of the experience. This will be done by video. You don’t need any prior experience to apply for this scholarship, but a passion for the topic helps!

To apply you must submit the following, along with the other required documents:

  • a video of at least two minutes explaining why you want to go on a high school exchange program and how it will benefit you in your future. 

Your scholarship application will be judged by an impartial person with experience of creating marketing and promotional materials.

Language Scholarship

The Language Scholarship is for applicants who are passionate about language learning and can demonstrate the benefits of learning a foreign language and inspire others to learn a language too. Applicants must submit the following along with the required application documents:

  • a video of at least two minutes explaining why learning a language is important for you and your future and how an exchange will help this aim.

Your scholarship application will be judged by someone with experience of working with foreign languages.

What you can gain and what is required of you as a scholarship recipient

If you are awarded the Language or International Ambassador Scholarship, you will be required to provide the following video submissions during your exchange program. You must submit one entry prior to departure and one entry after your return home.

Program Length Minimum # entries Scholarship amount
8-10 months 4 – in months 2, 4, 6 & 8 £1000
4-7 months 2 – in months 2 & 4 £700
1-3 months 1 – at mid-point of exchange £500


Language Scholarship recipients will be required to document their language-learning journey and give advice to students about how to successfully practice their language skills and succeed.

International Ambassador Scholarship recipients will be required to document their exchange program as a whole and what experiences, challenges and fun they had.

Videos provided:

  • Must be varied and cannot just be video of you sitting in a room speaking to the camera.
  • Should highlight parts of your exchange such as school or host family life or the area that you live in or the activities that you are doing (e.g. sports, music, drama etc.)
  • Should show the fun of exchange as well as talking about challenges that students might face.

Upon submission all entries will be reviewed by the MyEducation team and, if necessary, you will be expected to make any corrections. Staff will always be available to provide guidance and suggest potential topics to explore. Terms and Conditions of entry can be found here.

How to apply for a Scholarship

To apply for either of the scholarships, you must submit your scholarship application and complete the following high school exchange application documents by the deadline:

  • Submit an online pre-application form.
  • Attend an online information session with a parent or guardian.
  • Contact the MyEducation team to confirm you wish to proceed. You will then receive the correct application documents for your chosen destination.
  • Submit the following documents:
    • Personal application form.
    • Letter to your host family in English.
    • Letter to your host family in the local language, if applying for a non-English speaking destination.
    • Photo collage.
    • Copies of your previous 3 years of school reports.
    • School references.
    • Medical form.

NB. You only need to submit the medical form if you are certain you will proceed with the application if you are not successful in your scholarship application. This is because of the costs of GP appointments and possible vaccinations. 

    • All terms and conditions documents and releases for MyEducation and its partner organisation.
    • Any additional application forms or video entries for your chosen destination.

As a scholarship applicant, you must also agree to the terms and conditions of the scholarship requirements. The document can be found here.

Once your application has been received by the MyEducation office, a staff member will contact you to arrange your interview, which forms part of the acceptance process. Your scholarship application will be shared with the independent adjudicator for assessment. MyEducation will work to complete all necessary steps of the process to confirm the successful applicants within 30 days of the application deadline.

If you are not awarded a scholarship you can choose to withdraw from the program. If you decide to proceed, the Early Bird Discount will be applied to your program fee. Whether or not you are awarded a scholarship, a 20% deposit will be requested and your application will be sent to our partner for final acceptance and placement.

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