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Application Process

How to apply

The Application Process

Here is our step by step guide to the application process for an exchange program. Information about the acceptance process and payments are shown here. All steps are laid out in expected order of occurrence, but some steps might be completed earlier or later than shown on this page. Please note that all payments are made by bank transfer.


Complete a Pre Application Form

Fill in our online form so that we can assess your eligibility. A staff member will be in contact to discuss your application.


Attend Info Session

Attend our free, online, interactive information session. We ask that students attend with a parent/guardian.


Confirm if you want to apply

If you decide to proceed with an application. Contact the office and we will get the ball rolling.


Attend an interview

Attend an interview to assess your readiness for an exchange. This will be with our friendly staff, either online or in person. We ask to see school reports from your previous 3 years of schooling prior to interview, in order to fully assess your academic ability.


Provisional Acceptance

After interview we will decide whether to provisionally accept you on the program. Full acceptance can only be granted once we have your full application.


Deposit payment

If provisionally accepted, you will pay a £350 deposit and complete a contract with MyEducation. Deposit is non-refundable unless you are not fully accepted by MyEducation or the overseas partner.


Start your application

After deposit payment is received, we will share the application documents that you need to complete for your chosen destination. There are a variety of documents to be completed and the staff will help you through the process.


Submit completed application

Send all of your application to the office for final review. Based on these documents we will hope to fully accept you on the program.


20% deposit due

Once accepted, payment of 20% of program fee is due (less £350 deposit). Application is then sent to the partner for final assessment.


Placement begins

The overseas partner starts work on finding you a host family and school.



We will share lots of information to help you prepare for your exchange, including info sheets, videos and contact with a returned student advisor.


Further Payment

40% payment due on April 1st (Aug – Dec departures) or October 1st (Jan-March departures). NB. If applying for a Preferred program, an earlier payment might be requested to pay tuition fees for your chosen school.


Host family and school confirmed

At any point after acceptance up until one month before departure, your placement will arrive with you. We aim to have all students placed at least one month before departure.


Visa application

Most destinations require a visa application for an exchange over 90 days in length. MyEducation will guide you through this process and will make sure you have all the information and documentation required. Please note some visas have a fee which is not included in our program fee and some visas require you to visit their Consulate in the UK.


Final Payment

Remaining 40% balance due + insurance + any optional extras, such as state request fees. Payment on July 1st (Aug – Dec departures) or December 1st (Jan – Mar departures).


Flight Booked

MyEducation will arrange your flight using the MyEducation travel agent.


Pre Departure Orientation

Get even more prepared for your exchange at an online or in person pre-departure session.


Time to go!

Pack your bags, it’s time for your adventure to start!


Arrival on exchange

On arrival in your host country, you will be met by your host family or a representative from the organisation who will take you to your new home or to your orientation camp.

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